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Is the Rose Bowl shaking in its collective boots?

The SEC and Big 12 announced a five year contract on Friday that their champions will play each year in a New Years Day evening prime time bowl game right after the the Rose Bowl is concluded.

The location of the match-up which begins in 2014 is currently undecided but you can bet that the Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton, and the city of Atlanta will all be bidding on the thing...heck I wouldn't be surprised if the recently beleaguered Orange Bowl didn't also jump into the fray.

The whole idea is to create a spectacle that can compete on an equal footing with the Rose Bowl as far as prestige and potential payout is concerned on January 1st.

The folks back at the ESPN/ABC figure that a steady diet of "Oklahoma/Texas" vs "Alabama/Florida" type match-ups could potentially beat the snot out of USC/Oregon vs Michigan/ Ohio State in the ratings on the big day.

This move consolidates more power into the top four conferences and puts the ACC, Big East, and Notre Dame into weaker positions which could result in more realignment over the next couple of years.

How this all works within the final four college football format is yet to be decided but one thing is for sure. When everything is said and done the Rose Bowl will continue to be the Granddaddy of them all.