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The Monday Morning Wash

CB Derek Babiash who committed to Washington a couple of weeks ago has backed off his commitment. Just another reason to take the news of any early out of state commitment with a huge grain of salt. UW is still in the mix but he wants take his visits.

Just another huge reason why the NCAA should have an early signing period in June each year to help take the pressure off the programs and the kids.


I was talking to a vacationing bowl official yesterday who says more re-alignment is being discussed behind the scenes that could have major impacts on the ACC and Big 12. That same person also says that the existing bowl system is in serious trouble and is bracing for some major hits this summer.

LSU Fans Lament

I ran into a knowledgable SEC fan during my travels who feels that Washington is catching LSU at exactly the right time this season. Says he was blown away by our offense in the Alamo Bowl and feels the huskies have what it takes to puil off an upset.

I reminded him that Chris Polk and a good chunk of our offensive line needed to be replaced but he said wait and see...this is going to be a tougher than expected year for LSU.

Spring Break

Kate and I are spending our annual spring vacation in Bora Bora this year thanks to one of the insurance carriers I work with. Meeting lots of nice people here and have to tell you that the scenery is just fantastic. One observation we have all made is that most of the bell staff at our hotel could start on our offensive line next season...too bad the big sport over here is rugby rather than football.

(Sorry for my unexcused absence after the spring game. I have had a few minor health issues to deal with and have been spending some time outside the country. Thanks once again to everyone who has been chipping in during my absence.)