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Dot...Dot...Dawg (4/28)

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Good Morning, Dawg Fans.

Disappointing showing for the Huskies in the NFL Draft thus far. I think we all expected Alameda to be off the board by this point and I know that we were all hoping to see a little more respect for Chris Polk and his overall War Daddiness. To the former, I can't say much other than you reap what you sow. 'Meda wasn't productive enough on tape and isn't a workout marvel. We know what he can do when he's focused, but he didn't bring it enough the last two years. On the latter, I am surprised that he has fallen as far as he has among the RBs - but it is pretty clear that most of the RBs selected ahead of him are "change of pace" guys who are going into situations where a solid 1 and 2 down guy is already there. Outside of Richardson, a true between the tackles grinder has yet to be taken.

And, your dots.

Have a sunny day, Dawg Fans. For anyone attending the Spring game, please feel free to post a thread or get some commentary written up so that we can post it. We value your participation and your insights.