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UW Huskies in the 2012 NFL Draft

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The first round of the NFL draft is tonight. And although UW does not have anyone projected to be a first round pick, 2-3 could be picked in the 2nd and 3rd rounds on Friday. At the top of that list is probably Alameda Ta'amu. He is projected to go in the middle of the second round by most draft experts. I too see him going somewhere in the second round. Ta'amu is big load, and some team with a need for DT will jump on Ta'amu. Look for Ta'amu to be a Charger, Falcon, Bronco or Steeler.

Speaking of Broncos. I really see John Fox liking the kind of runner Chris Polk is. Yes Denver has Peyton Manning now but, really only an old Willis McGahee at RB and they will still want to run the ball. Polk is projected to be a second or third round pick. However, he is also probably has the best chance of being a first rounder. I say that because his ceiling is probably predicted to be higher than any other Huskies. Before everyone calls me out for being a homer, I wouldn't draft him in the first round because I don't believe many RB's carry first round grades anymore with so many teams running the RBBC. But someone like the Giants may decide they really like him and just don't want to risk him getting gobbled up. Even more likely is that someone sitting in the early or middle of the second round decides to try and move to ensure they get him. My projection though would be for him to go to Denver towards the end of the second round. GB is another team at the bottom of round 2 that needs a RB, and I already pointed out that Giants may be looking at one as well. It is possible for Polk to slip to the third round, but I don't think he will have to wait until Saturday to find out where his new home will be.

The third guy that has a chance to go on the second day is Senio Kelemete. He has been Mocked in the third or fourth round by many sites. McShay even has him going to Dallas in the fifth. It appears teams will be drafting him to play OG. Because he is a guard in the NFL it may be very likely that he isn't drafted until the fifth round. I predict the end of the fourth for the former Husky LT.

The only other player likely drafted is Jermaine Kearse. A couple years ago Jermaine was thought to be a third round talent. Too many drops, being measure at under 6'1" has pushed him to the end of the draft. I do think his name will be called but, it will be stressful day for Jermaine.

The rest of the gentleman will have to wait for the phones to ring after the draft and begin to work their tails off to make a team. They include Cort Dennison, Erik Folk, Kiel Rasp, and Quinton Richardson.

Where to you guys see the huskies being drafted?