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The Monday Morning Wash

Nate Fellner #29 and Sean Parker #1 will be laying some serious lumber for the Huskies this fall. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
Nate Fellner #29 and Sean Parker #1 will be laying some serious lumber for the Huskies this fall. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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The first public scrimmage of the year is now on the books and observers I spoke with over the weekend had these observations.

The offense was sloppy committed ten penalties and never seemed to be in sync. Protection wasn't adequate either. Big reason for that is the lack of experience on the offensive line because of injuries. The reps these guys are getting will play dividends this fall.

The coaches are pretty confident that Tanigawa, Schaefer, and Kohler wil be healthy by fall and that should help mitigate some of the problems the offense is currently having with consistency up front.

The defense as a whole continues to dominate. Danny Shelton is having an excellent spring. Shelton has the ability to dominate the line of scrimmage no matter who he is facing off against. He is a real active big guy with a motor that won't quit...seasoned observers are telling me that he is already ahead of Ta'amu as far as development goes.

Justin Glenn has pretty much won the job opposite Sean Parker at safety. I thought he was one of the best players on the field until he was injured against Notre Dame in South Bend a couple of years ago. Now that he is 100% healthy he definitely has returned to his old form with the advantage of having four years of experience under his belt.

I like the potentially permanent move of Nate Fellner to linebacker. He has always been solid against the run and been a big hitter during his career. He isn't a great coverage guy and this move puts him in a better position to make plays. Most importantly it puts a lot of starting experience back on the field that would have been wasted as a back up safety. He reminds me a lot of Greg Carothers who made a similar move with success.

Bill Moos on the hiring of Mike Leach

Only a tight circle of confidants - "less than you can count on one hand" - knew he was on a plane to Key West, Fla., Nov. 15 to sound out free agent Mike Leach as a potential new football coach at Washington State.

"I get the envelope," Moos says, recalling that old show, "and here's where I'm going."

Bud Withers of the Seattle Times

Gary Pinkel

Gary Pinkel has a press conference to confirm the rumor that he and his wife of nearly 40 years are separating. It has been a tough year for Gary and his family and we hope everything turns out well for them once the dust settles.

Joe Paterno

This scandal continues to be handled badly on both sides at every level.

Penn State officials, in an attempt to get the family of Joe Paterno to sign away its right to sue the school, offered to rename Beaver Stadium after the late coach, The Patriot-News has reported, citing a source close to the family.

But the family said no.

Dawg Pound Writers Meeting

I would appreciate if all of our writers would contact me via email today so we can pick a good time when everyone can get together via conference call. I am thinking that Tuesday or Wednesday evening would work pretty good for guys may have other ideas so please chime in.

As I mentioned last week SBN would like me to pick a couple of our younger and proven writers to receive a small stipend for their work. In addition to that we are going to do a little planning for next should be there or be square!