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Diamond Dawgs Begin Home Stretch Amid Uncertainty

Saturday, April 21: Washington vs. #13 Arizona, 2:00 PM Husky Ballpark | Gametracker | Video

My first game back, and the recording software (user error) fails me... Regardless, time to break some rust off and get back into the home stretch; I will be watching live again from here on out. With game time only a few hours away, I will do some game/player analysis in the next post. A big picture view to put everything into perspective is needed right now, with the mood low following the recent losing streak Washington is on.

The Diamond Dawgs have put themselves into the exact situation that is good for me, stressful for them. The non-conference success created a cushion for Pac-12 play, giving the Dawgs a chance to make the postseason easily if they could post a final .500 record in-conference. One had the feeling things would not stay same with the choppy seas on the horizon - eight of the final twelve schools to play were ranked - though I have to admit I didn't see coming. They just had to make it interesting down the final third of the season, didn't they?

Since the impressive win March 31st to open the Oregon State series and begin the ranked opponent gauntlet, the Dawgs are 3-9 with two games left vs. Arizona at home this weekend before the respite of Utah the following, even if they are traveling to Salt Lake City. A very winnable series at USC follows Utah, giving Washington a golden opportunity to secure some much needed W's, even if quantity wins. Quality wins are still needed to complete the resume...

When going over the schedule to start the year, the last few weeks capped off by this Arizona series jumped off the screen in full red flag regalia- Stanford pun intended. It was a red, white and blue offensive of ranked teams: Stanford, Gonzaga, Cal, Seattle U and Arizona. Twelve games over eighteen days, including a stretch of eight games in eleven days. As of this moment, Washington is 3-7 over the stretch, needing two victories over Arizona to win the series, salvage the stretch and earn a few of those needed resume wins.

If you are a glass half-empty human being, just replay Uncle Pete yelling, "Do you win the game in the ___ Quarter!" from the Seahawks commercials last year a few times over in your head. Feel better? This is the 4th quarter of the Washington baseball season, and they hold their own fate: win and they're in, lose and they're out.