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Husky Stadium Update

It's tax day! Hopefully none of you have waited until the last hour to get your taxes done. If you are in the process of writing a big fat check to Uncle Sam, just remember not a single penny of it is going to our beloved Husky Stadium. Doesn't help, does it?

On a much happier note, the construction crews are making incredible progress on the stadium. The foundations of the football facilities building are mostly complete, they even have a large part of the concrete floor in place. The official construction timeline calls for the steel framework for the football facilities building to start going up in early May, but it looks like they could start on it any day. Speaking of which, yesterday saw a big change as the crews already started putting in the steel framework under the south stands!

Below are the usual pictures courtesy of the Husky Stadium webcams, which you can find at Things are changing daily and I get the feeling that the next few months will some of the most action packed from our point of view! As always, don't forget to click on the pictures to see the full resolution image.

Picture #1 - Here is the view from webcam #1. The second tunnel is mostly complete, the roof went on last week. The foundation crews keep working further east and you can see the steel structure in the top, middle portion of the picture. Once they finish the upper portions of the foundation walls on the right side of the picture, I expect the elevated parking area to get the geofoam, top fill, gravel and concrete floor treatment that the football facilities building just got.


Picture #2 - Here is a zoomed in picture of the south stands foundations on Saturday, before the steel framework was put in place.


Picture #3 - Here is a picture from Monday evening, after the steel framework was set in place.


Picture #4 - Here is the latest view of the future football facilities building and west endzone portion of the stadium. The foundations on the north end (lower right side of the picture) look to be complete and ready for the steel framework. They are currently work on area around the elevator shaft and the upper portion of the south wall. I've added a few arrows to highlight a few specific areas.

A = The pipes for the locker room bathrooms. In other words, this is where Shane Brostek will crap concrete.

B = The second tunnel. Presumably the visitors tunnel.

C = The elevator shaft, stairwell and ventilation shafts.

D = The UW tunnel.

E = Recently added concrete floor which will be the locker room, meeting rooms, and equipment rooms.

F = Recently added concrete floor of the upper storage area.


Picture #5 - View of the south stands foundations. The crews keep working further east, it won't be long before the real visible parts of the construction get going. After the football facilities foundations are complete, I expect the elevated parking garage area to get the geofoam, fill, gravel and concrete floor treatment. After that, the steel framework should really get going.


That's it for this Husky Stadium Update. If things keep moving as quickly as I expect, these updates will start coming more often, especially once the steel structures start going up. September 2013 can't come soon enough!!