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Diamond Dawgs At Beavers Series Preview

-Edit: Formatting fixed, I'm still learning how to blog it appears. Friday PPD due to rain, they will attempt (weather permitting again, forecast doesn't look good) a double header Saturday, pushing the Friday game into the second slot behind the regularly scheduled Saturday contest, so if you have tickets use them accordingly. I don't think it will change anything but technicalities- starting lineups should stay the same, at least for Washington. - SOS

Pac-12 Series 2: @ #23 Oregon State | Schedule | Forecast | Current Weather Data | Goss Stadium Webcam

Game 23: Friday, Saturday, March 31th Double Header 2, ~4:30 PM: Tyler Davis (2-0) vs RHP Dan Child (2-1)

Game 24: Saturday, March 31st Double Header 1, 1:00 PM: RHP Aaron West (4-1) vs LHP Ben Wetzler (4-0) - Will be televised on ROOT Sports, set your DVR!

Game 25: Sunday, April 1st, 1:05 PM: RHP Austin Voth (4-0) vs LHP Jace Fry (1-1)

The Diamond Dawgs have another big test on hand this weekend, traveling to Corvallis, OR for a three game set with Pat Carey and his Beavers. Oregon State has become a perennial contender for the Pac-12 title, and Casey should surpass 600 wins either at the end of this season or the start of the the 2013 season.

The Beavers starting pitching is young and growing, suffering through some growing pains early on but have settled in as of late. This series will be decided by pitching at first glance, with the Dawgs defense - currently the sixth best in the land - needing to continue the strong glove work with the wet conditions ahead.

The weather looks to be abysmal, raining and cold the entire the weekend. The team seems to be in high spirits after the five hour bus ride though, if twitter is any indication. I hope they can get all three games in..

The Q & A with Building The Dam has provided a great introduction, and the links below will finish off everything else you need to know: