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Pre Spring Position Reviews - Secondary

The old # 29 Nate Fellner and #1 Sean Parker sandwich with Stanford Tight end Zach Ertz in the middle. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
The old # 29 Nate Fellner and #1 Sean Parker sandwich with Stanford Tight end Zach Ertz in the middle. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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Despite posting some of the worst defensive numbers in the history of the school in recent years the Huskies have been stockpiling some excellent young talent at the defensive back positions.

That stockpile got large enough this spring that Sark started moving players to other parts of the roster to open up some playing time.

Safeties Evan Zeger and Taz Stevenson have been moved to outside linebacker where they are expected to contribute immediately. This signals that Washington will be a predominately 3-4 team going forward on defense this fall under Coach Wilcox.

Antavius Sims will start his two year career as a Husky in the offensive backfield. The versatile athlete was originally slotted for corner but the depth at the position was solid enough that they are giving him a shot as a tailback. Sims is one of the fastest kids on the team and he has a great set of hands.


Sr Desmond Trufant returns for his final season flanked by either Jr Greg Ducre or Rs Marcus Peters. Trufant is a proven commodity who needs to take it up a notch to gain leverage in the 2013 draft. Ducre and Peters have been monsters according to the coaches during the off season.

Sr Anthony Gobern has provided solid depth during his career and that is expected to continue this season. Jr Adam Long won't face contact this spring but is expected to be ready to go in the fall. He sat out last season with a torn ACL.

Sr Tre Watson is a candidate to play quite a bit this fall. The walk-on from Central Washington has what it takes to play at this level and was one of the reason the coaches felt comfortable moving Sims over to offense.

Brandon Beaver, Darien Washington, and Cleveland Wallace arrive this summer. Unless there are injuries I don't expect any of the incoming three to play this fall. It would be nice to red-shirt an entire CB class which would allow these kids to build some healthy shoulders for future seasons.

  • Trufant
  • Ducre
  • Peters
  • Gobern
  • Long
  • Watson
  • Beaver
  • Wallace
  • Washington


The Huskies have plenty of experience and depth at safety. Jr Sean Parker showed a lot of growth in 2011 and he is expected to come into his own this coming season after having a couple of years under his belt. Parker needs to take ownership of this secondary this fall and he has the talent to be among the best in the conference at his position.

Rs James Sample will get the first shot to line up beside Parker this fall but incoming uber-frosh Shaq Thompson will get every opportunity to also win the position when he arrives this summer. It is nice to have two HS AA type players competing for a starting job. Sounds a little like USC doesn't it?

Rs Travis Feeney is another kid I see pushing himself into the two deeps. He has good size and speed and the coaches obviously liked him enough to keep him where he was at rather than move him to OLB. Travis was on the cusp of playing right away last season and the coaches think he could be special.

Sr Nate Fellner and Sr Justin Glenn are a couple of old war horses with plenty of starting experience under their belts. Younger and better talent is pushing them down the depth chart but they will see plenty of the field in 2012. Kids like that in the depth.

Jr Will Shamburger has had his moments here and there but they have been limited by injury. Stingers kept him out of the Alamo Bowl. He needs to come back hard this spring and put himself back into contention as a starter.

  • Parker
  • Sample
  • Thompson
  • Fellner
  • Shamburger
  • Feeney
  • Glenn