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Husky Stadium Update - The South Side

My last update focused solely on the west endzone and the football facilities building that will be contained with in it. This week I'm going to focus on the construction progress happening on the south side of the stadium. The west section has been great fun to watch, especially having design schematics that are mostly current to make sense of what I see. Thanks to the addition of the Sports Medicine facility in the south side, I am left with out of date schematics that leave me guessing, but a few pieces to the puzzle are coming together.

Below are the usual set of pictures and a cut up of the design schematics to help make sense of what's going on so far. Don't forget to click on the pictures for the highest resolution image, and as always, don't forget to visit to see the Husky Stadium webcams for yourself.

Picture #1: The south side this morning, most of the excavation is complete, foundations going up rather quickly and they are working on the walls of the second tunnel. It looks like the second tunnel is going to be rather long, thin, and dark. Not a bad way to make opposing teams get to the field!


Picture #2: This is an inverted design schematic to help picture the future. In the original design, the entire white area was not going to be excavated, now they have excavated almost the entire area down to a few feet of field level creating much more room.

The blue outline is the elevated area which will be part of the parking garage on the second level. The red is the second tunnel, which is now much easier to see in the first picture. The orange hashed area is the second ramp which originally didn't go down to the lower level, but now it looks like it will. The yellow area is the big question, where is the sports medicine facility going to be and how much have they reorganized the areas included in this design schematic? I'm guessing that the visiting team locker room is going to be moved to the yellow area with the X's drawn through it. I don't have anything to base that off of, just a guess based on what I would do.


Picture #3: Here is another one of my hybrid pictures, this is what happens if picture #1 breeds with picture #2. The blue area is the parking garage that will sit on the elevated area on the right side of the picture, with the rest of it being on the second level of the building (assuming they didn't make more changes).


Picture #4


Picture #5: The activity is picking up around and under the north upper deck. In this picture you can see the new retaining wall going up on the east side of the upper deck. They have also started putting in what looks like water and/or sewer lines for the main concourse area under the north upper deck.


Hopefully you enjoyed the update, my next project is probably going to be a time lapse video created from the webcam pictures. The real fun should start in early May when they start building the steel structures for the west section of the stadium. As always, fire away with any question you have, if I can't answer them, I sure we have some construction oriented people who could help us out.