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Gamethread – Duckies at Dawgs

Join the usual suspects for some hopefully intelligible conversation before, during and after the game as your Washington Huskies take on the Oregon Ducks with revenge on their mind, and also for a chance to advance to the Semifinals of the NIT.

Go Huskies!

For those interested, I am hoping to do a play breakdown of (at minimum) three plays from this game, be them offensive or defensive. I wanted to let the readers decide what plays they would be, so if you wish to vote put, within a comment, the half, time remaining in the half (approximately) when the play finishes and the result of the play (e.g. Wroten assist to Wilcox three). If you see the play you want broken down listed, give it a Rec. If you are unable to Rec due to being on mobile, just reply comment saying that you wish to Rec it but are unable to, those comments will go into the count.