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The Monday Morning Wash - Duck Week Again

The Washington basketball team will face the Oregon Ducks for the third time this season in the quarterfinal of the NIT. The game is going to held 6:00 PM Tuesday at Hec Ed which means advantage Huskies who were severely thumped in their last encounter with the Ducks in Eugene.

Will revenge be a factor on the road to figuring out who truly is the 69th best college basketball team on the planet? You can bet the house on that one. Washington wants to avenge that earlier loss to Oregon in the worst way even though it is tough to predict how well this team will play on any given night.

The prize other than the usual bragging rights is up to two more games in New York at Madison Square Garden.

Lorenzo Romar - You look at all of the games, guys will remember that one because we were beat so soundly that night. It makes for a good story line. Can't wait for revenge and all of that. Someone beats you like that you keep asking yourself why, why?"

Seattle Times