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Dawgs Fall to Ducks in Oregon

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This will be my shortest recap to date. Nobody who watched will blame me. I have no desire to relive this abomination. The Huskies were dominated by the Ducks. Conference-leading Washington was absolutely handled by Oregon tonight. Disgust is the only emotion I feel.

Sure we can say the Ducks were lucky. Shots went in that had no business rolling through the net. That much is for certain. The Huskies were sloppy. Passing was abysmal.

A few ticked off bullet holes:

  • The offensive "sets" tonight were nearly nonexistent against the Ducks' zones. Abdul Gaddy and Wroten had little trouble getting the ball past midcourt, after that the offense stalled. The ball was tossed around the perimeter repeatedly with Terrence Ross and C.J WIlcox running the baseline. That was The Husky offense versus the 3-2 zone, the 2-3 zone, the 1-3-1 zone, and if Oregon played a man and I was just too removed from the game to notice, that was also probably the offense that the Dawgs played.
  • Whenever Tony Wroten was around the rim defensively he looks lost. He never boxes out, and he cannot step up to slow drivers. There were multiple instances where half of a step would have made all the difference in the world, yet Tony never made that step. I understand that he is a perimeter player, which means interior defense will certainly not be his forte, but he should be able to step in front of a driving offensive player or put a body on someone when the ball goes in the air.
  • Tony had a bad night overall, his lay-ins weren't rolling in, and that is his offense. He took several threes and missed them all. This was a bad shooting night for the Dawgs altogether, shooting 36% and 39% (!) from the charity stripe. Terrence Ross was 4-13, Wilcox 4-13. Just bad.
  • Defense was also not terrible, the Ducks hit shots that they shouldn't have, then the effort took a nosedive at some point in the second half defensively. The shots were impressive by the Duckies, that much I must concede.
  • Before I leave you to your own devices, remember to keep a level head. One bad game doesn't mean Romar needs to be canned. One bad game does not mean that the Huskies have no chance at the post-season. It just means that the Huskies played a bad game when an opponent could do no wrong. Sure their at-large chances were just slimmed, but that doesn't mean that they do not exist.

CODawg may have some bullet holes of his own so stay tuned! Or go to bed, I think I am going to go to bed.

CODawg's bullet hole!

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