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New Assistant Coach Press Conference

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Sark unveiled his revamped coaching staff to the media yesterday. All the new coaches did a nice job answering questions and you can tell why they are such highly regarded recruiters. All these guys are incredible other words nobody was answering questions laced with repeated "awesomes".

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times put together some great one and one video with all the new coaches.

Sound Bites

Sark says has followed Justin Wilcox since he was at Boise State and was glad to be able to hire a coach with Northwest ties. (This is a guy who has future head coach written all over him)

He says Sirmon is a great fit because of the years spent with Wilcox and his playing experience in the NFL. He went on to say that he was hard worker and a great recruiter. Sirmon says that Washington is the best program on the west coast and the new facilities will cement that.

Justin Wilcox says the hiring process really did happen as quickly as it looked on paper. The deal was done within two days of first call.

Sark says he loved the way Keith Heyward's secondaries played at Oregon State. Heyward said leaving OSU was tough but to continue growing as a coach he had to make a move. Keith says that he wants his guys to play aggressive and not play scared.

Sark said that he and Kiesau are a good fit because they are philosophically similar. Sark will continue to call the plays on gameday but Kiesau says that doesn't bother him. He said that Sark closed the deal to obtain his services at three in the morning.

Sark said that Tosh Lupoi has been a big thorn in his side from a recruiting standpoint. He said that that Tosh was an exceptional DL coach in addition to being a great recruiter.

You could tell that leaving Cal was a tough decision for Lupoi who said that the timing could have been better. It took him a couple of weeks to make up his mind. Asked about getting a boat, Lupoi says "I haven't been on that boat. Maybe a canoe.''

Sark confirmed that WR Kevin Smith tore an ACL. He could be ready by camp because it will be within the usual nine month recovery period.

SBN Network Issues

Our parent host SBN has been having a number of technical problems this past week. They are resolving the problems one by one but it will be a few days before everything is back to normal. If something doesn't wirk just hit refresh.

Spring Practice Dates

The coaches are going to run spring practice over four weeks this year culminating with the spring game on Saturday the 28th. I am not sure where they are going to be having it but I imagine the likely location would be Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center which was used last season.

4/2 - Mon
4/4 - Wed
4/6 - Fri

4/9 - Mon
4/11 - Wed
4/13 - Fri
4/14 - Sat

4/16 - Mon
4/18 - Wed
4/20 - Fri
4/21 - Sat

4/23 - Mon
4/25 - Wed
4/27 - Fri
4/28 - Sat (Spring Game)