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Duck the Fu... Wait, That Doesn't Work

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This week the Dawgs head down to Corvallis to face off against the Oregon schools. First up is the Ducks.

We all share a communal hatred for these, but throughout this article I will try my best to leave this deep seed of disdain removed from the conversation.

The Ducks are led by Dana Altman. Hah! The Ducks are led by a girl! Wait, No? Dana is a boy? Well that ruins things. Gotta remind myself to stop mocking the Ducks. Man this'll be hard. Altman was a very successful coach at Creighton averaging of 20 wins per season. In comparison Lorenzo Romar has the Huskies averaging 21 wins per season. One must be reminded that Creighton is a smaller school so those numbers must be taken with a grain of salt. Altman was head coach of Kansas State for four years and did lead them to one tournament appearance. As a coach he is 2-8 in the Big Dance and has never made it out of the Round of 32.

Regardless he is generally considered to be a respectable coach with the ability to lead the Ducks to prominence. Maybe he won't lead them to a Final Four (that's fine by me) but he could very well turn them into contenders for the Pac-12 title.

This year's rendition of the Ugly Ducks is fourth in the Pac-12 with a 7-4 (.636) record in conference.

The Ducks are a team that doesn't just rely on defense or rely on offense. This is a team that is unremarkable yet solid in each of those categories. One place that they really hang their hat on however is their rebounding. Their rebounding percentage (52.3%) is second in the conference to only the Huskies (53.8%).

The main point guard for this Duck team has been Jonathon Lloyd. He has been hobbled by a knee injury and his minutes have been taking a dip because of it. He is no longer starting but is still an important key to the success of Oregon. In his place the point has been run by Garret Sim. Sim was initially in the two-guard spot but was moved to accommodate the reduction of Lloyd's minutes.

The "new" two-guard is Senior transfer Devoe Joseph. Joseph is the top scorer and top thief for Oregon. He, in addition, is also number two in assists per game.

The best player for the Ducks is probably the Junior forward E.J. Singler. He is their top rebounder and number two scorer. He also is averaging over two assists per game, so his passing is another strong part of his game. If the game comes down to one shot, this is most likely the man taking the shot for the Ducks.

Another starter for the Ducks is Olu Ashalou. He is another Senior transfer whom happens to be a forward. He is the number two rebounder for the Ducks and averages over eight points per game.

The final starter is Junior transfer Center Tony Woods. Woods is a shotblocking threat with over a block and a half per game. His rebounding leaves much to be desired however, as he is averaging under four per game. This is much lower than a 6-10 center should average.

Overall this is a game that the Huskies should win and help them maintain momentum going into their matchup with Oregon State.

Projected Starters:

Oregon Washington
G - Garret Sim G - Abdul Gaddy
G - Devoe Joseph G - Tony Wroten
G - E.J. Singler G - Terrence Ross
F - Olu Ashalou F - Desmond Simmons
C - Tony Woods C - Aziz N'Diaye

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