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The Monday Morning Wash

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The Men's basketball team swept the LA schools in Seattle this week to retain its one game lead over Colorado and California in the standings. The Buffs and the Bears are responsible for two of the Huskies three conference losses this season.

This week the Dawgs head down the Willamette Valley to face Oregon and Oregon State. The Huskies swept them to open the season in Seattle. The Ducks and the Beavers are more than capable of beating the Huskies this season so this is going to be a pretty crucial series.

Heading into the conference season most fans (including me) had written off the team as being too young to compete for a championship this season. As usual with most Romar led teams something began to click and now the Huskies are favorites to land another berth in the big dance.

Special thanks to Ben Knibbe for jumping in and doing a great job on basketball coverage this season. If there is anyone out there who would like to take a stab at writing about spring sports just let us know!

New Sports Arena

This really isn't Husky news but word that a new sports arena will likely be built that will house both the NBA and NHL teams is pretty big news. The proposed stadium district location makes a lot of sense. Hopefully the folks developing it won't demand the demolition of the old Coliseum which has many useful years left in it.

Super Bowl thoughts

Football season is now officially over now that another Super Bowl is in the books. I thought it was a pretty good game and I was kind of surprised that Brady wasn't able to drive his team down the field a little better at the end of the game. Too many dropped passes at the end for that to happen.

Now we get to see if Eli Manning is as amusing as his brother Peyton was on Saturday Night Live next week. I remember a sketch years ago in which Peyton's mother was chastised because he career as a QB had dead ended in the Canadian Football League.

As for the game I tend to tune in for the commercials. Matthew Broderick's day off in a Honda CRV and Jerry Seinfeld's (nice to see the soup Nazi again) quest to be the first owner of an Acura were pretty funny but Volkswagen's the Dog Strikes Back was probably my favorite.


Any new Huskies who will be here this spring?

The only one we know of at the moment is linebacker Ryan McDaniel who will arrive this spring to compete for the spot at MLB vacated by Cort Dennison.

What happened to Chris Young and Darius Waters?

Young will be going to Arizona State. No idea what Waters is up to but he was no longer on the roster at Arizona Western with Young.

Where will the Huskies practice this spring?

They will be using the East practice field and the Dempsey indoor.