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Trojan Horse Rolls into Hec Ed

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That took a mighty steep downhill slope to get it down, as this is a weak Trojan team. At least they have a victory in the Pac against Utah. They seem to still be dealing with the fallout of the OJ Mayo deal, and maybe a little bit of the Reggie Bush scandal has seeped into the basketball team. Kevin O'Neill has his work cut out for him. However, this is easily his worst season as coach, and I for one would be shocked if he kept his job next season.

In O'Neill's run as head coach the Trojans have gone 41-46 (.471). He has not had an overall winning record with a program he has coached since his gig with Marquette in the early 90's. His run as a successful head coach is probably over, but he is doing what he can to bridge this Trojan team to their next coach, whomever that may be.

This team is struggling, there is no way around that. If the Huskies do not come out of this game with a twenty point victory it will be shocking.

The leading scorer for the Trojans is 5-7 Sophomore guard Maurice Jones. He leads his team in assists and steals along with being the top scorer. The reason he scores more is because he shoots more however. He is shooting 35%. That is terrible. To give a reference point, Aziz N'Diaye has a better free throw percentage. The only other Trojan in double figures is Junior forward Aaron Fuller, averaging 10.6 per game. Fuller also leads the Trojans in rebounding with nearly six per game.

The Trojans run a very deep rotation, with eleven players consistently getting minutes. Part of this may just be O'Neill trying to get younger players experience as this season the Trojans have only the remotest of chances in making a post-season tournament, even if they all of a sudden turned into the top team in the Pac-12. There is potential for future success, as this is an underclassmen-laden team with multiple Freshmen in the starting lineup

Projected Starting Lineups:

USC Washington
G - Maurice Jones G - Abdul Gaddy
G - Alexis Moore G - Tony Wroten
G - Byron Wesley G - Terrence Ross
F - Garrett Jackson F - Desmond Simmons
C - James Blasczyk C - Aziz N'Diaye