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Things you probably don't know about the class of 2012

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I think we are all pretty happy with the class of 2012. Here a few tid bits about these guys that didn't make it into Sark's press conference.

Jeff Lindquist - When he looks into the mirror...his reflection gives him a thumbs up.

Cyler Miles - He once threw a rock into the ocean...even till this day it is still skipping.

Erich Wilson - He once walked sideways...backwards.

Psalm Wooching - Every time he goes for a swim Dolphins appear.

Kendyl Taylor - Out of extinguishes itself in his presence.

Dwayne Washington - He is so fast...he once threw a touchdown to himself.

Jaydon Mickens - He's able to leap tall buildings in half a bound.

Shane Brostek - He is the only man ever to have survived an attack by a giant squid. That night he and Bern had Calamari.

Cory English - The Whales want to save him.

Nathan Dean - His sweat has been bottled, fermented, and made into a fine cognac.

Jake Eldrenkamp - When he puts milk on his Rice Krispies they shut the hell up.

Taylor Hindy - His left thumb has been described as deadly.

Pio Vatuvei - He can do push-ups with both hands tied behind his back.

Josh Banks - Bigfoot once took a picture of him walking through the woods.

Kalei Auleua - When he sails through African waters...Somali pirates welcome him and shower him with gifts.

Damion Turpin - He puts his pants on both legs at a time.

Blake Rodgers - He doesn't use sun screen...when he goes outside the daylight adjusts accordingly.

Ryan McDaniel - The Lone Ranger removes the mask in his presence...out of respect.

Cory Littleton - Every year...the bulls want to run with him.

Brandon Beaver - Twitter has a server dedicated to only him.

Cleveland Wallace - Laughing gas makes him smirk.

Darien Washington - If a black mamba were to bite him, it would die.

Shaquille Thompson - Sharks have a week dedicated to him.

Travis Coons - He once played a round of golf using only a twelve-inch piece of rebar and a sun-dried tomato...he shot a 54.

Cory Durkee - He has buried a time capsule full of events that haven't happened yet.