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Huskies head in to SoCal to face undermanned Trojans


The Trojans are down to six scholarship players if you didn't already know. That is basically like the second man off of our bench was The Human Victory Cigar. Oh and we didn't get to pick which six of our current rotational players made it though the injuries. Assuming we didn't get Freshmen due to reduced scholarships, imagine this:

G – Abdul Gaddy

G – C.J Wilcox

F – Austin Seferian-Jenkins

F – Desmond Simmons

F – Darnell Gant

This could theoretically be a starting lineup if we had to deal with USC's issues. I have zero envy for Kevin O'Neill and the job he has. At least they had one victory against Utah.

The biggest issue the Trojans have is offensively. Not to say their defense is that much better, but the offense this year has been putrid. When going by points per possession, the Trojans are last in the PAC-12 with .83 PPP. The team shooting percentage is also poor, whether going by pure shooting percentage or any other metric. They rank last in the PAC with a team shooting percentage under 40%. They also rank last using True Shooting percentage or Effective Field goal percentage, which adjust for shot difficulty.

Defensively the Trojans are still poor, but not last in the PAC. Going by points per possession allowed they are ninth at 1.06 PPPa. All of this combines for the bottom of the PAC.

The Dawgs should roll right through the Trojans on their way to the regular-season finale in Los Angeles.

Projected Starters: (This is assuming that Gant keeps the starting role, which is by no means a given)

Washington USC
G – Abdul Gaddy G – Maurice Jones
G – Tony Wroten G – Alexis Moore
G – Terrence Ross G – Byron Wesley
F – Darnell Gant F – Garret Jackson
C – Aziz NDiaye C – James Blasczyk