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Pre Spring Position Reviews - Receivers

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Usually when you lose a couple of guys who rank statistically among your top ten all time wide receivers you would expect a drop off but that might not be the case in 2012 for the Huskies.

Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar were solid and sometime spectacular starters over the past four seasons. They were also hampered by too many drops and not enough strength at the line of scrimmage. The team will miss their experience but not the inconsistent streaks.

The guys that are replacing them are bigger, faster, more physical, and thought to be even more talented. Kasen Williams is a potential first round draft choice a couple of years down the road. He has the type of skill set that will allow him to start taking over games.

Flanking him will be James Johnson and possibly Kevin Smith if he can come back strong from the ACL surgery he had in December. Johnson has been a part time starter over the past three years. Injuries have slowed him down at times but this is his year to shine for the scouts.

Cody Bruns returns after taking the year off to handle personal problems and preserve a year of eligibility. The importance of Bruns is magnified if Smith isn't able to go this fall. He has good hands, runs good routes, and like Johnson this is his chance to end his career on a high note.

DiAndre Campbell got an early shot to play last season but his chances diminished quickly after he dropped a few passes that should have gone all the way. He has good size and speed.

Marvin Hall who enrolled over the winter is a guy who is going to get his number called early and often this spring. He is a big time talent who is fast and runs really well.

Josh Perkins and Jamaal Jones spent last year on the scout team. The coaches think highly of both of them and they will get their first chance to compete for playing time this spring.

Jayden Mickens, Kendyl Taylor and Dwayne Washington who arrive this summer are all kids who have the talent to play right away if needed. Taylor could end up moving to running back if there is a need.

  • Kasen Williams So
  • James Johnson Sr
  • Kevin Smith Jr
  • Cody Bruns Sr
  • DiAndre Campbell So
  • Josh Perkins Rs
  • Jamaal Jones Rs
  • Marvin Hall Fr
  • Jayden Mickens Fr
  • Kendyl Taylor Fr
  • Dwayne Washington Fr

Tight End

The tight end position is back at Washington. We are talking about three big kids who can catch passes and block. It seems like such a simple concept but that part of the game plan was absent for almost a decade.

ASJ is a tremendous talent who only gave us a hint last season of what he is capable of doing. He will be moving into the realm of taking over games with his buddy Kasen Williams this season. Hartvigson and Hudson will continue to see plenty of time.

  • Austin Seferian Jenkins So
  • Michael Hartvigson So
  • Evan Hudson So