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UW 3-0 UC Irvine; West is Best, Propels Dawgs To Shutout Upset

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Next Game: Today, Saturday 2/25/'12 1:00 PM UW @ UCI, Anteater Ballpark

UW starter: RHP Asmus (0-0)

UCI Audio Stream


Weather Forecast

Updated Game Notes - From UW Athletics

Friday, 2/24/'12 6:30 PM UW 3-0 UCI, Anteater Ballpark

W - Aaron West (1-0)

S - Joshua Fredendall (0-0), 2 Saves

L - Matt Whitehouse (0-1)

Gametracker- you can replay the entire game with this, if you haven't used it before check it out.

Box Score

Well how about that for a bounce back to regain some momentum after a loss. JR RHP Aaron West put the team on his back for 6 innings, only giving up 1 BB in the first 11 batters he faced, finally surrendering a hit with 1 out in the 4th inning. Give him and our defense credit for this win; we followed the formula Meggs wants to perfection last night.

Aaron West himself explains in this post game interview.

Here is one with closer Joshua Fredendall. UUDuubbb...

And here is a picture of some green grass and yellow tape. The team gets to move into the new facilities on Monday.

Starting Lineup:

CF Ray

LF Meggs

1B Berry

DH Pehl

RF Camporeale

3B Lamb

C B.K. Santy

2B Jackson

SS Forgione

RHP Aaron West 6 IP / 3 H / 0 ER / 1 BB / 2 K's

Pitching and Defense

When I heard Aaron West was starting, I knew we had the best chance to match UCI. The Anteaters are a team built on the very same principles as UW, only they run more of a pure small ball, where I would call us a modern/hybrid small ball. They have great pitching, speed and contact hitters; only problem for them is power. They reminded me very much of the 2010-11 M's.

The Dawgs did it all last night, with starting RHP Aaron West thoroughly dominating the Anteaters. Don't kid yourself; even without the big bats, UCI is rated very high (#26 in preseason Coaches' Poll) and came into the game 3-1 riding a stellar pitching streak. Problem for them has been cold bats. They scored 5 runs only in each of their 3 wins, and lost to UNLV on Monday without any offense. This is a big upset, and if we can win this series...One step at a time...

West, Davis and Fredendall combined to hold the Anteaters to only 4 H and 1 BB; by the 6th inning we had 10 hits to the Anteaters 1. They had 5 base runners total (no HBP etc). UCI only had 1 base runner advance to second base all night, and that is far as he got. They rely heavily on speed; stolen bases, hit and runs etc. to score runs, and when they don't get on base they can't do anything. Sound familiar? That is the perfect formula to winning, period, regardless of what team/style your up against. Pitching and defense; they win ya championships.

Davis, once again, came in relief and dominated with his curve ball. He has a good fastball and location, but man is that curve wicked. The announcers were very impressed, in a sour way of course. He only gave up 1 hit in 2 IP, and set 'em down quick, getting ahead in the count constantly as well.

If you read the SDSU series review, I was high on these 3 guys. Meggs using them first last night, against your top competition, shows he is noticing as well. Davis might have just won the setup role, with Palewicz struggling early. Fredendall again just looked dominant shutting them down in order to earn the save, and he is really inspiring confidence in me that we can hold serve in the 9th.

Winning fact: In the last 18 innings played, UCI has had the lead-off batter get on base once. West was ahead in the count all night, throwing early strikes and forcing the Anteaters to hit his pitch, not theirs. He only gave up 3 singles and one walk...Aaron West is the game MVP with a signature start to announce to the baseball world he is a top 10-round draft pick again, and our Friday Ace.


The Dawgs went down to California again, and the offense came alive early. It was only 3 runs, but the ball bounced our way this time for 11 hits. Instead of seemingly driving the ball every time at a fielder, last night every hit ball just seemed to find green grass. Getting ahead early in the game has been a key factor for the Dawgs success.

W.F. West HS, formerly known as Chehalis HS, is still turning out quality ballplayers. Both FR Forgione and Pehl hail from W.F., and both have been big for the Dawgs offense this year. They each had 3 hits last night with Forgione getting an RBI. He did get picked off though. Pehl had a double and eventually scored, proving again his bat outweighs his glove.

Ray again had a solid night leading off, getting 2 hits, 1 a double. Again we had 0 SB as a team, but when you win that's OK.

Jackson got the start at 2B over Ely. He had not started yet, only coming in as a pinch-runner. Ely is a LH bat, and Jackson a RH and the UCI starter was a LHP, so that might have played into the decision.