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SU 5-1 UW; Offense Is Still In San Diego, Needs Gas Money

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Next Game: Friday 2/24/'12 6:30 PM @ #26 UC Irvine, Anteater Ballpark

UCI audio - looking frantically for video

Gametracker / stats feed

Weather Forecast

Wednesday 2/22/'12 5:00 PM Seattle U 5 - 1 UW, Husky Ballpark

W - Brandon Kizer (1-0)

L - Jared Fisher (0-1)

Gametracker / stats

UW box score

Starting Lineup(inning, substitution):

CF Ray

LF Meggs

3B Lamb

DH Berry

1B Pehl --Edit: Doh! Can't believe I left Pehl off and didn't catch it. First of many I'm sure. - SOS

RF Camporeale

2B Ely (B-8, Jackson pinch hit)

C Wiggins (T-7, B.K. Santy)

SS Forgione (B-7, Brown pinch hit / T-8, Afenir to SS / B-9, Sparks pinc

h hit)

RHP Jared Fisher (1, RHP Kim / 5, RHP Voth / 7, RHP Wright / 9, RHP Cimber)

Well, that was disappointing. The 2012 Diamond Dawgs are apparently still in SoCal, for it was the 2011 Dawgs that took the field last night. They had a big "up" last Saturday, a big "down" on Sunday and apparently haven't recuperated from the walk-off and trip home.

The Dawgs just didn't show up for this one, losing in all phases and looking like frozen zombies at times in the cool night air. I honestly expected better in the home opener, but it's going to take a some time for our non-native players to handle performing in cold temperatures and/or wind, and/or rain. The Redhawks are local boys and this was just another Rainball game for them. Get 'em next time, we will.

The Dawgs have their first big test of the season coming up this weekend in preseason #26 UC Irvine. We're going back to Cali, though, and the bats will need all the sunshine they can get to topple the Anteaters. Recap after the jump.

Even though we played Wednesday after the rain out Tuesday, it was at night, in February. This game needed to be played at 1 PM, as should all future contests at Husky Ballpark until April, at the very least sometime in March. We have a retractable roof just down I-5 not being used, too. Football can use Qwest the Clink (gotta get used to that), why cant we use Safeco? Just not fair. I'm going to go kick some dirt now....

With the temperature hovering around or below 50 from the start and some wind at times, the game started very lethargic, neither team looking like they wanted to move very quickly. It took almost one hour for the first inning to be completed, with both pitchers taking longer than usual to warm up, and SU batted around for 3 runs, the only runs they would need. Both teams then proceeded to finish the game in 2 hours and 58 minutes, 1 hour quicker than any game so far.

SU did have an "A" on the bump; it was UW who face-planted

Starting Pitcher:

UW RHP Jared Fisher .2 IP / 2 H / 3 ER / 3 BB / 1 K / 1 HBP / 8 BF (batters faced)

SU RHP Brandon Kizer 6.1 IP / 4 H / 1 ER / 3 BB / 3 K's / 4(!) HBP / 28 BF

Notable Relief:

UW RHP Kim 3.1 IP / 1 H / 1 BB / 2 K's / 14 BF / 2 HBP

SU LHP Garrett Anderson 2.2 IP / 0 H / 2 BB / 2 K's / 10 BF

Yes, that all tells us this game had almost no offense. Besides starter RHP Jared Fisher and reliever RHP Voth in the 6th, our pitching was great, and I'm happy to see the 'pen come in and only give up 2 runs in 8.1 innings! That is getting it done guys. RHP Kim, after a shaky first appearance Sunday, came in to strikeout out the third out in the 1st to stop the bleeding, and didn't leave until the 5th. One hit in 3.1 IP is great, now he just needs to tighten up his side-arm release to stop hitting RH batters. He came in just like Davis before him on Sunday to shut the door and give us a fighting chance to comeback. He is the only bright spot on a bad game all around, therefor game MVP.

UW sent 4.6 batters to the plate on avg. against Redhawk starter Kizer. He shut us down. Nothing too impressive from him, its not like he overpowered us, and neither did Anderson from memory, yet he didn't allow a hit in the 8-9th inning. But they did combine to shut us down and only allow 4 study needed here.

Bats still down in CA

--I will be going over the bats and defense in much further detail in what I'm working on atm, to be posted later on this morning. It will fit better this way. -SOS

UW Offense: 1 R / 4 H / 5 BB / 4 HBP / 0 SB / 5 K's

SU Offense: 5 R / 6 H / 7 BB / 3 HBP / 1 SB / 9 K's

SU didn't win this game, we lost it. They only had 6 hits in a poor offensive night as well. The scoreboard was full of eggs, so this will be quick, 1 inning for UW, 2 for SU.

Top 1st:

Fisher came out and threw the first pitch a strike, then proceeded to throw 4 straight balls to walk lead-off hitter Oleszczuk. Hendrickson hit a slow chopper to 2B Ely, who charged but never had a chance to go to 2B for the force and instead had to get the surefire out at 1B, runner to 2B. Enter a wild pitch Santy probably would have stopped, and its runner on 3B, 1 out. In keeping with the theme, Fisher than hits Roberts, sending him to 1B. Kincaid steps up, and being the savvy Senior hitter he his, he waits and pulls the best pitch he gets down the RF line for 1 run. Fisher proceeds to walk the next batter Ecklund on 4 straight to load the bases. Narby, who is one impatient firecracker at the plate, strikes out without taking 1 pitch from the out of the control Fisher. Mistake, but Tompkins, the next batter cleans up and hits a chopper right between Ely and Pehl for a 2 RBI single and the eventual winning run.

Bottom 4th:

Ely worked a count to get a HBP, 1 of 4 for SU who were all over the place with their command; I don't know how we didn't get any offense this game. Wiggins then drew a walk, and here is the one moment we put the game in motion, and what do ya know, our speed scores. Forgione dropped a sac bunt back to the pitcher that did it's job, runners to second and third. Ray, who has been quietly doing his job well, then grounds to 1B, but because its a slow chopper to the right side Ely has plenty enough wheels to get home. Meggs then popped a can of corn to 2B and the bats then went to bed and called it a night, zero's for all.

Top 6th: The video stream went out during the 5-6th innings due to wind, so I have to go off what Sandmeyer explained.

Walks again. Walks are killers, and its the one thing holding this pitching staff back as a whole from looking solid to start the year. Its been a mixed bag, for every great pitching performance we have there is one you want to forget.

Olson leads off with a walk, and then Morales, the Redhawks Forgione yet he's a CF, dropped an amazing bunt exactly between Voth, Wiggins and Lamb. He caught the defense napping, and it cost us. Lamb fielded the bunt but had absolutely no shot to get him once Lamb finally got the ball...Another walk to load the bases, but a K and pop up to RF have it at 2 outs now, with guess who, Kincaid up to bat again. Another bouncer between 1B and 2B, 2 RBI game over 5-1 SU.

Defense...Who's on first, and what's on second?

Our OF defense again was solid, with nothing standing out. They have been solid all year, and Camporeale is doing well for himself in RF so far.

The IF? That's a whole 'nother story, and you can read it later today...

Go Dawgs!