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The Monday Morning Wash

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I have to really hand it to Lorenzo Romar and his staff for the job they have done guiding a young but talented team to the top of the Pac 12 this season. Despite this being a down season in the conference this year I think this team can do some damage in the tournament if they continue to play well.

Before we they get to the tournament they need to take care of a little business on the road which includes playing the LA schools and Washington State. UW will be obviously favored to win the trio of road games but nothing has been automatic for this squad on the road this season.

If Washington finished the regular season with three wins on the road I think they can go deep in March.

Napa Highlights

I was in Napa over the weekend to celebrate a good friend of mines milestone birthday. The wine tasting is always fun but one of the cooler things we did was visit the Rene Di Rosa farm to look at one the world's greatest collection of what they call "Funk Art".

Welcome and Thanks

Spring sports and basketball are going to be taking up a lot of our focus over the next couple of months.

Ben Knibbe will be handling coverage of he basketball team as it continues its march toward a Pac 12 title and a NCAA tournament berth.

Our favorite law student Randall "Pink" Floyd has been doing some great overall updates on non revenue sports. I really have appreciated his contribution over the past year.

Lear has been doing a great job from presenting his views from 30,000

Please welcome SoS Smith who has volunteered to provide coverage of the Husky baseball team. Hard to believe that a baseball game thread actually had nearly 200 comments over the weekend. It takes time to build up a following but it looks like SoS has already generated a bit of enthusiasm.

Please keep in mind everyone that this is your community and if you would like to participate just submit a fan post so we can sample some of your potential work.