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PAC 12 Basketball Power Rankings

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Well here we are. The second day of February and signing day is over. Tonight begins the second half of the Pac 12 schedule, and Washington is in a good position tied for first with Cal. The top two teams are starting to pull away from the rest of the conference in terms of Power Rank, and thoughts on making the tournament by national writers. Joe Lunardi has Cal locked in the tournament as a 9 seed, While placing UW as one of the last 4 in, making them a canditate for the first round/play in game on the Tuesday/Wednesday of the tournament in Dayton. If Cal and Washington both finish strong I believe the PAC 12 will get two teams in the tournament. For the Conference to get a third someone else will need to win the conference tournament or have a strong second half and make the race for the regular season title a three team race. Here are my newest PAC 12 Power Rankings:

overall conf Last week

1. CAL 17-5 7-2 (1) - The early season win over UW keeps them number one. Should hold at home this week.

2. UW 14-7 7-2 (3) - Finally ahead of Oregon. Great road trip, showed the nation they can win on the road.

3. CU 14-7 6-3 (4) - My dark horse to make the tourney.

4. Oregon 15-6 6-3 (2) - Lost at home to OSU, might not recover to make a tourney run.

5. Stanford 15-6 5-4 (5) - 3 straight loses but I couldn't move anyone ahead of them yet.

6. Arizona 14-8 5-4 (6) - Tough home loss to UW. Should make it three in a row after bay trip.

7. OSU 14-7 4-5 (8) - 3 straight wins including in Eugene. Inconsistent team though.

8. UCLA 12-9 5-4 (9) - Still a disappointment but beat CU at home.

9. WSU 11-10 3-6 (7) - Winless in Arizona. But could take two this weekend and jump back up.

10. ASU 7-14 3-6 (11) - Win over WSU moves them up but not ahead of WSU just yet.

11. Utah 5-16 2-7 (10) - Gave USC maybe their only win.

12. USC 6-16 1-8 12 - Got their conference win. Don't see them winning another which would give them 25 loses.