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How did the Huskies do?

I know it is impossible to correctly grade a class until it has been on campus for at least three years but lets give it a whirl anyway since it is pretty much a silly LOI day tradition.

Overall I give the class a solid B Plus. The coaches rebounded nicely and filled some serious needs in most of the needed places.

The key for me is how that offensive line is going to mature over lets get on with it!


I am not sure you can do better than Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles. Both of these kids have the ability to play on Sunday and make a lot of money. In the meantime they will battle it out with Derek Brown to become the successor to Keith Price in a couple of years.

I can truly understand why Cyler vacillated at the last minute. UW is now officially loaded at QB and he has to go head to head with a highly rated guy in his own class. It takes guts to do that. That being said USC is loaded too.

The ones who got away - None - Grade A Plus

Running Back

Sark thinks that Erich Wilson has the ability to be pretty special. He is one of those versatile kids who can play about anywhere but I think he starts off at TB because of need. He has excellent size and set some serious records at a great program.

Psalm Wooching is a great looking athlete who will start his career as a big back. I would love to see him at OLB or DE but we really have a serious need for a play maker at FB. Did you see the video of him doing the fire dance in native dress...Wow...I want to see him do that to the Oregon defense.

The ones who got away - KeiVarrae Russell (Notre Dame) Byron Marshall (Oregon) - Grade B Plus

Wide Receiver

Not exactly an immediate position of need but Jaydon Mickens, Dwayne Washington, and Kendyl Taylor are all big time players who can contribute all over the field. Who is my favorite? Tough to say because Sark picked up three very diverse athletes who have the ability to contribute right away if needed at a number of positions.

The ones who got away - Michael Rector (Stanford), Kenny Walker (UCLA), and Jordan Payton (UCLA) - Grade A

Tight End

We didn't get any so I guess it would be an F but we really didn't need any in this class with three talented sophomores coming back next season. This becomes a position of need next year with UW possibly looking at taking two.

The ones who got away - Caleb Smith (OSU) - Grade Incomplete

Offensive Line

Let me start off by saying that I like the kids we ended up with. My only gripe is the lack of tackles because it is currently one of the teams biggest needs. I think Cozzetto and Sark would be the first to tell you that off the record.

If Shane Brostek lived in Honolulu he would be a five star recruit. He looks quite a bit like Colin Porter who arrived at UW ready to play. No truth to the rumor that he stapled his LOI to the head of a Shark and told him to get it there on time or there would be repercussions.

Nathan Dean is a real solid kid who has a tremendous amount of upside. I think he can be as good as Garnett or Banner. I listened to him on the radio last week and he is a real impressive guy. Cozzetto had the ability to help mold him into something special.

I had no idea who Taylor Hindy was until today but I just love his film. His nickname is the "Pancake Master" and the LA Times had him rated as one of the best in SoCal before the season. He evidently camped at UW and the coaches liked what they saw.

Jake Eldrenkamp is a great pick up and one of the big keys to this class. If he had gone to WSU it would have been a major loss. Jake is going to play inside.

Cory English is another great looking kid who used to butt heads every day at practice with Danny Shelton at Auburn HS. This kid is your likely future center.

Michael Kneip from Bellevue HS is a preferred walk on who will play inside. Picking up a talented kid like this without a scholarship is a true gift. I would love to have five of these would Cozzetto.

The ones who got away - Josh Garnett (Stanford), Zach Banner (USC), and Walker Williams (Wisconsin) - Grade B

(Continue past the jump for the defense)

Defensive Line

We filled some serious needs at defensive end and the three technique but they didn't reel in Ellis McCarthy at the last minute which is a shame. He came up on a secret visit and actually committed only to renege after he got home. Tell me that isn't wild.

Pio Vatuvei is a big time get that SC wanted despite not having much room. He has good size and will fill the need at the three technique.

Kalei Auelua is a stud from Hawaii who has great film and a knee that needs a little rehab. He stuck with Washington and Washington stuck with him.

Damion Turpin is part of the Dominguez gang who potentially could play inside or out depending on the alignment.

JC tackle Josh Banks fill an immediate need inside and is being recruited to play right away.His job will be to go after the quarterback.

The ones who got away - Ellis McCarthy (UCLA), Arik Armstead (Oregon), Alonzo Williams (Texas A&M) - Grade B


Ryan McDaniel is the stud inside LB that Sark has been trying to recruit for the past three season. He will be here this spring with a shot to get serious playing time this fall.

Blake Rodgers is another kid who helps fill the pressing need inside. Size was lacking at LB and these two guys fill that void.

I love Corey Littleton's film. He could potentially stay outside or grow into a defensive end.he has the type of size and speed we are missing outside.

The ones who got away - Jeremy Castro (UCLA), Jared Afalava (Nebraska), Brent Bafaro (Oregon) - Grade B Plus

Defensive Back

We hit a huge home run in this area of serious need. Shaq Thompson will be groomed to start immediately. We haven't had a safety with this much potential since Lawyer Milloy. This is the guy who can transform your secondary into something special.

Brandon Beaver has the ability to be as good as he wants to be. He was Washington's to lose for a number of months and some think he acted as a recruiting secret agent for UW by continuing to take visits.

Stealing Cleveland Wallace at the last minute from OSU was just marvelous. According the reports he moves real well and has nice natural back pedal.

Darien Washington can play Safety or CB which makes him and ideal nickle back attendance. He reminds me of a bigger Nigel Burton.

The ones who got away - Reggie Daniels (Oregon), Devian Shelton (USC), Cedric Dozier (Cal), and Randall Goforth (UCLA) - Grade A

Special Teams

We picked up two big time legs and a long snapper (Hindy) who has a shot at developing into a pretty decent tackle. Kory Durkee won his scholarship by booming punts off the ceiling of the Dempsey during camp. JC kicker Travis Coons regularly kicks the ball out of the end zone which immediately makes the field quite a bit longer for opponents facing the UW defense. - Grade A