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Post game questions from someone who only saw the score

In my temporary cell phone service I checked the score and thought up these few questions to stand in for a post-game recap.

(And answers, from someone who watched the game. Teamwork!)

How did we fare in rebounding both offensive and defensive?

(Rebounding was pretty good throughout the game. It did seem like the defensive rebounding lapsed a bit in the second half, though that may have been due to an Arizona crashing the boards to try and get extra possessions and whittle down UW's lead. Offensive rebounding was good, but could have been better if Wroten had capitalized on his second chances.)

How aggressive was Abdul Gaddy? How did it effect the Huskies' offense?

(Gaddy was phenomenal to start the game, scoring or assisting on 6 of UW's possessions early, with some nifty passes to Ross and N'Diaye for easy baskets. He, along with Ross, got the team going and let them get an early lead. His second half was less impressive.)

How clutch was Ross? Was this game even winnable without his outburst?

(The game would not have been won without Ross. He hit his first 9 two pointers, and the only thing keeping him from a career day were his 3's not falling. But you didn't even really notice that they weren't going because he was so good otherwise. There was not streak, just a consistent and solid performance throughout the game. Undoubtedly on of his best.)

What was up with Wroten's poor shooting night? What seemed off for him?

(A lot of Wroten's poor shooting was him not finishing around the rim, grabbing an offensive rebound and then not being able to finish his second chances. Off the top of my head, a can't remember him getting a second attempt to go. So a lot of his misses ended up being two misses on one possession, making it look like he had a worse shooting night than he actually did. I was very surprised at the end of the first half to see he had taken 14 shots, because it really didn't seem like it.)

What are your general thoughts on the team for the rest of the season and was this game impressive to you and change your feelings of the team at all?

(Very impressive game. One that the team really needed, and they went out and played very well against a quality opponent, but the thing about this team is one game isn't enough to change my feelings on them. They're inconsistent, and need to play like this much more often, and haven't proven that they will.)