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Pre Spring Position Reviews - Quarterback

We have entered the time of year when no news is usually good news if you are running a college football program.

With that thought firmly in mind we are going to spend the next few weeks breaking down the status of the team on a position by position basis heading into spring football.

Quarterback appears to be a position of strength on the Washington roster even though back up Nick Montana has departed to attend a junior college in Southern California. There will still be talented depth behind Price this season but it will be very young and inexperienced talent.

Jr Keith Price is the undisputed leader of this football team. He is an artist/wizard who uses the entire football field as his canvas to create his unique type of magic. He went from being that unknown guy with the nice smile that was replacing Jake Locker to being a QB who will be in the national Heisman discussion over the next two seasons.

He isn't the biggest or strongest guy in the world but he is incredibly accurate for a guy who spends most of his time being chased around. He is really smart and he sees the field really well. He spreads the ball around getting all of his targets involved during the game.

The goal for Price this off season is to get healthy and get bigger. He could really use another 10-15 lbs of muscle on his frame between now and next fall. The knees didn't need surgery so he has a good chance of getting back to 100% this spring.

RS Derrick Brown enters spring as the uncontested backup now that Montana has transferred. He is a good looking prospect who opened up some eyes last season while working with the scout team. He has great size and is built like a middle linebacker so he should prove to be pretty durable.

Brown also has a strong arm and that strong arm coupled with the emergence of Keith Price were probably the main reasons that Nick Montana transferred. Brown wasn't recruited with a bunch of hoopla and fan fare but he is a real solid prospect who will compete to start when Price is down.

RS Thomas Vincent from Kings HS in North Seattle is a preferred walk-on who will see the field one way or another next fall. He is pretty valuable as a walk-on QB because there are only two QB's on scholarship this spring. He is a real good athlete and I expect that he will begin to earn time on special teams next season.

Highly touted true frosh Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles arrive this summer. Both of these guys were the MVP's of their national all star games. They are both pretty special and it is amazing that Washington was able to land both of these kids in the same year.

Both of these kids were Elite Eleven QB's and that usually is a pretty good harbinger of future success. It is real tough to say who I like better because both of these kids are real good fits for the Sark system.

  • Jr Keith Price
  • RS Derrick Brown
  • RS Thomas Vincent
  • Fr Jeff Lindquist
  • Fr Cyler Miles