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Sun Devils Visiting Hec Ed

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The Huskies finish their final home weekend of the year this week, hosting the Arizona schools. The Dawgs visited the Arizona schools earlier this season and swept, causing many, myself included, to finally declare these Huskies as a "team." The team merely showed its good side that weekend. The season has since reached a low point being blown out by the Ducks last weekend.

One would hope the Huskies use this weekend to gain momentum for the upcoming road trips. There is still much left to be done to get the Huskies a berth in the NCAA tournament. First up, the Sun Devils.

Last time Arizona State played the Huskies Tony Wroten had the Dunk of the Year for the Pac-12. The dunk is up for ESPN2's Dunk of the Year voting on to Randall Floyd.

The player the Huskies had the most trouble defending was Freshman forward Jonathon Gilling. Gilling hit five threes and totaled 20 points to lead the Sun Devils. He still shoots almost exclusively three-point shots, hitting them at nearly a 40% clip. Now the Huskies will have to deal with Trent Lockett, who missed the first game with an ankle injury. Lockett is the team's top scorer, rebounder, leads them in steals and also is second in assists. He is the Arizona State "Do Everything Man." He runs the point, scores, rebounds and defends.

The big men for the Sun Devils are two seven footers in Ruslan Pateev and Jordan Bachynski, a Junior and Sophomore, respectively. Surprisingly for their size neither has remotely impressive rebounding statistics. Other main cogs in the Sun Devil rotation include scorer Carrick Felix, rebounder and scorer Kyle Cain, reserve point guard Chris Colvin and Chanse Creekmur.

Projected Starters:

Arizona St.

G - Trent Lockett G - Abdul Gaddy
G - Carrick Felix G - Tony Wroten
F - Kyle Cain G - Terrence Ross
F - Jonathon Gilling F - Desmond Simmons
C - Jordan Bachynski C - Aziz N'Diaye