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The Monday Morning Wash

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Very busy at work this morning and really not much going on out there in the college football world so I didn't have a chance to publish much today. The players are now deep into their winter conditioning programs and the coaches...especially the new ones are spending a lot of time in the film room getting to know what the players are capable of.

Over at the stadium there is plenty of action going on almost around the clock. It is pretty fascinating watching them excavate while building the foundation of the new stadium at the same time. It is pretty hard for me not to check those cameras out at least a couple of times per day.


Nice split for the basketball team down in the Willamette Valley this weekend. It is never easy to sweep down there. If the Huskies can keep sweeping at home and at least split on the road they should be able to grab a berth in the tournament and have a pretty good shot of winning the conference title outright.

For the eleventh straight week there isn't a Pac 12 team in the Top 25. The Huskies only have an RPI rating of 61.

New Undergrad Coach

Danny Razore a 22 year old assistant coach from Bellevue HS has been named as an undergrad assistant coach by the Huskies. His hiring should help re-cement the pipeline between UW and Bellevue. He will be working under DC Justin Wilcox on the defensive side of the ball.


The Mountain West and Conference USA are going to merge into a 18-24 team colossus. Not only will they have a championship game in football they will also have semi-final games which should be pretty interesting.


California is still upset about the loss of Tosh Lupoi and the supposed skullduggery that went on during the last couple weeks he was at Cal. Word is that Cal actually called the commissioners office to file a grievance.


Ryan Leaf called former San Diego Chargers coach and the present head man at Oregon State an idiot while on the road promoting a book about his wasted life. I guess no matter how many chances this guy gets he will never get it, be humble, or ever have a firm grasp on his own reality.

“I know the Chargers made mistakes, but I made a bunch of mistakes myself, and I’ve got to take responsibility for that. I mean, Mike Riley is an idiot, but I can’t do anything to change that. He wasn’t supposed to be a head coach in the NFL. Why was he there?”