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PAC 12 Basketball Power Ranking

Here is the first Dawgpound PAC 12 Basketball Power Ranking of the season. How do the Dawgs stack up? Who is number 1? Tell us what you think!


1. Arizona - 6-0 on the season, ranked #8 in the polls. So far UA looks like they will run away with the PAC. Sure, they haven't beaten anyone, but every other conference member has shown flaws. First test is still a week away against #6 Florida.

2. CU - 7-1 with a Bad(?) loss to Wyoming on the road, but bounced back to knock off a good CSU team. CU is a young team but well coached. CU travels to #9 Kansas on Saturday. I believe CU should still be ranked.

3. ASU - 7-1 with their only loss to #14 Creighton. Are they the third best team in the PAC? No. But this is a power rank and so far they are scoring points and beating the teams they are supposed to beat.

4. Oregon - 7-1 See ASU above. They have a win at #18 UNLV and a loss against #22 Cincinnati. The last thing our Dawgs need is for Oregon to be better in basketball too.

5. UCLA - The 5-3 Bruins would have started as #2 preseason for me, so I will only drop them to 5. This is probably very generous when you have a loss to Cal-Poly at home. Howland has lost a couple more players for various reasons. This could very well be his last season in Westwood (and with that Tad Boyle's last season in Boulder...)

6. Cal - The Bears are standing at 6-1, and coming off a blowout loss at Wisconsin could be dropping quickly. Their next two games are against ranked opponents. If they can win one of them maybe they move up. I will predict two losses though.

7. UW - A disappointing 4-3 start, but 2 of those loses were to good teams. And they actually looked pretty good against the Buckeyes. Injuries hurt them against CSU. Only test until conference games start should be at UConn. Next up Nevada on Saturday night.

8. Stanford - Off to a 6-3 start, with no real victories to get excited about. No games scheduled until Dec 15.

9. OSU - 4-2 with a hard fought loss to then #10 Kansas. That game should be something for them to build off of. They could easily break the top 7.

10 Utah - 6-2 with a very weak schedule. They do not score enough points to play with most of the teams in the conference.

11. WSU - the 5-4 Cougars score even less points than Utah. They did play Gonzaga close, but the Zags are probably overrated this year.

12 USC - The Trojans still haven't recovered from paying OJ Mayo. Sitting at 3-5 with #14 Minnesota up next it doesn't get easier. They do have an overtime victory over Texas.