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PAC 12 Basketball Pickem

Conference Season is upon us. It's time to get serious Dawg Fans. Show your knowledge of PAC 12 Conference Hoops by posting your picks here.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go. The non-conference season was unsuccessful for the pickem contest. So lets start over. I will post the schedule weekly. All you need to do is post your picks in the comment section. Pretty simple. This is the second year of the pickem contest. CAHusky is the former champ and I know he is poised to defend his championship. Who will step up to knock him off his throne? On to the games:


Utah 8-4 at ASU 11-2


CU 10-2 at #3 Arizona 12-0

Cal 8-4 at 10-3 UCLA

Stanford 9-4 at USC 5-8


Washington 8-5 at WSU 9-4

Stanford 9-4 at UCLA 10-3

Cal 8-4 at USC 5-8

Utah 8-4 at #3 Arizona 12-0


CU 10-2 at ASU 11-2

Oregon 10-2 at OSU 9-3

Game of the Week

#10 Ohio St 10-2 at #12 Ilinois 13-1