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Mike Leach, WSU, Texas Tech and The Clipper

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I did a story for The Clipper, Everett Community College's student-run (not the school newspaper) paper on Mike Leach. It is basically chronicling the walking, talking circus that follows Leach. It touches on his time at Texas Tech and the controversy surrounding his time there then delves into his time at Washington State.

I had to do it from an unbiased perspective, so because of the nature of the story the Dawgs had to be portrayed as the bad guys for the little bit, but all in all it was a decent story that may be dated (thanks to the process of the paper) but still may be worth a quick read. It is short for any articles I typically write here but for The Clipper it is one of the longest pieces that have been written this year.

There are a few other articles I have written up there, but the main article is the Leach story. Check it out!

In case you missed the first link here it is again.

And again.