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A Husky Fan's 12 Wishes of Christmas

Here is one Husky fan's 12 wishes for Christmas. Which of yours did I miss?

A view of the Old Husky Stadium.  The view on August 31 will hopefully look more Rosy than the last decade.
A view of the Old Husky Stadium. The view on August 31 will hopefully look more Rosy than the last decade.
Harry How

On the 12 days of Christmas my true dawgs gave to me... Merry Christmas to all of the Dawgpound. May you travel safely to where and back you may be going and may all you holiday wishes come true. Here are my Husky wishes for this Christmas Season.

Beef - As opposed to turkey. Sarkisian and company appear to be in the makings of another nice recruiting class. But it is lacking in the OL area. There are a couple of nice guards, although one (Harlow) appears to be wavering. But there are no Tackles. The Husky OL will return everyone, except Schaeffer next year and I expect the Dawgs will benefit from a more experienced line and the return of Tanigawa and Kohler. But This is a position of need every year and so far, it was been and area of weakness for this regime.

Victory over Oregon - As Squints Palledorous once said "I can't take it any longer". Oregon will be a national title contender again. Washington will be the underdog at home. The first Oregon game at the new Husky Stadium, being a victory for the good guys, will go along way in changing the psyche of the glass half empty group.

Reopening Husky Stadium with a win - This will be my first game in husky stadium. It will be the second straight game against a unnamed ranked foe from the NW. I will be loud, I will be partying and I will be hungry for a victory. A loss will be a spoiled 40th birthday present and a long flight home.

Myles Jack - A 4 start OLB from our back yard. A UCLA commit and considered the #4 OLB in the country by Scout, would be a great convert by this staff. He is schedule to be on campus Jan 25 and at Oregon Feb 2. Jack has the body and skills to contribute right away, even though our LB will be stacked next year.

A 5 star defender - I am going to combine Rueben Foster and Eddie Vanderdoes in one group. I think both are long shots and play different position. But landing one these guys would be incredible. Vanderdoes probably ends up at USC. Foster is a wildcard at this point. He could really be the Shaq Thompson of the 2013 class. Someone we sway over late.

Something to give with the OL - Most people seem to think this is Cozetto that has to go. And they may be right. Maybe its the strength and conditioning. Maybe its both. Either way I am wishing for a change that turns our OL back into a dominate force in the conference.

Aaron Gordon - In all of Romar's years he has only had one dominant power forward. Jon Brockman. Aaron Gordon is the #2 PF in the country. Gordon has narrowed his schools down to three. Washington, Arizona and Kentucky. Not only would he be a huge get for Romar, he could also help Romar get past the sweet 16.

Continuity in the assistants that we want to keep - Sounds like we may already be losing one. But we cannot afford to lose anyone of the Defensive unit. I also wish that 2013 is such a good season that we do end up losing some of our top guys like Wilcox. Not that I want to lose Wilcox. But if the huskies go 10-2 next year he will probably get a head job.

Basketball team to find their identity - The"preseason" in college basketball can be time to work things. Find the best rotation, learn chemistry, etc. This year has been one of the harder ones to figure out this year. Close game against Ohio St., blowout loss to Colorado St. I am not really sure how this team will finish conference play. But another season without making the NCAA tournament could have long lasting effects on recruiting.

10 Win season - A non-conference schedule whose toughest game is Boise St. at home. And since I am already wishing for a victory in that game, we should be 3-0 come conference games. Five home games against Arizona, Cal, CU, Oregon, Washington St. Road games against ASU, OSU, Stanford and UCLA. A 10-2 season is doable and could have us in our first conference championship game. Anything less than 9 wins will have the "Sark isn't the right guy for the job" dominating this blog and other parts of the internet.

A Rose Bowl - It has been too long. My 15 year son doesn't remember a time when the Huskies went to Rose Bowls almost perennial. I want it for me but I want it for him too. Imagine growing up in another state and being a husky fan during their worst decade in their history. I am sure he gets crap for being a Husky fan. I know I do and I am not surrounded by teenagers all day.

Oregon Probation - This is long over due and I am ready for some closure so we can move on. This should help enhance our ability to get to the PAC 12 Championship next.

There we go Dawg fans. My Christmas list.