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Vegas Bowl - 3rd Quarter Instant Analysis

A couple of long drives by both teams leaves the score 25-23, Boise St, at the end of 3Q.

KP - in the crosshairs.  Can he overcome?
KP - in the crosshairs. Can he overcome?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State won the toss and elected to defer, so they got the ball to start the 3Q. They went right after it on a long pass attempt that Marcus Trufant easily defensed, further demonstrating the dominance that he's exerted today. Marcus Peters, as such, continued to be the target that Joe Southwick and co went after. A couple of passes and a PI put Boise State into UW territory. Despite some big plays by John Timu (who had 10 first half tackles) and Travis Feeney, UW could not keep BSU from moving the ball. The total drive went 15 plays and resulted in BSU scoring a TD on a play action pass from Joe Southwick to Holden Huff.

Down 25-17, UW would answer. The next drive featured more hard-nosed Bishop Sankey running and a very strong efforts by Kasen Williams and Sankey to convert long third down passes. While the offensive line continued to get dominated by the BSU front, UW was able to move the ball into the red zone. A big 3rd and 4 from the 7 turned into a scramble drill and resulted in KP connecting with ASJ for a TD. Credit Micah Hatchie for picking up a block on the scramble that allowed KP to set his feet. A failed 2 point conversion left the score 25-23.

UW, behind some serious 1:1 wins by Josh Shirley versus the BSU LT, forced a 3 and out on the next series and Keith Price was back in business. After a token low percentage shot downfield for ASJ and short Wildcat run for Sankey, the 3Q would come to an end.

Given that most of the 3Q was consumed on that 15 play BSU drive, it is hard to assess the momentum of the game. BSU scored and UW answered. Still, it is clear that the UW defense was not disheartened by that long drive and Sankey doesn't look like he'll be stopped. Questions still linger as to whether or not the O-Line can hold up and whether or not ASJ can get more ingrained in the passing game. Either way, the theater was set for the a dramatic 4Q conclusion.

3Q Playmakers: Kasen Williams - got physical on a few big conversions. Sankey - obviously. Marcus Trufant - shutting down his side of the field; John Timu - in on every tackle; Josh Shirley - continuing to get pressure and making huge plays;

3Q Playgivers: Justin Glenn - got burned twice in that opening drive; Dexter Charles (again). Drew Schaefer (again).