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UW Basketball Holds Off Pesky Tigers

My first full Husky basketball game of the year and I am rewarded with another sloppy performance by Romar's Huskies. Not sure why this team doesn't covet keeping control of the ball but they don't. Come see my random thoughts as I watched this game. Add your thought to the comments. There had to be more than three that watched.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Finally I get to sit down and watch a husky basketball game, start to finish. PAC 12 network, snowboarding, and kids broken arms have made this season challenging for me so far. Thanks to Ben Knibbe I have been able to read about how bad the Huskies have mostly been doing. Ben also asked me to do the post game tonight, so I am trying to repay the favor. My format and writing style will be different from Ben's but here we go:

First Half

  • The starters: Abdul Gaddy, Scott Suggs, CJ Wilcox, Desmond Simmons and Aziz N'diaye. I list this mostly to point out that after the first possession, Simmons got benched for Jernard Jerreau. It appears it was for not boxing out that led to a Jackson St Basket. I would bet that was an area Romar worked on, and he was not happy.
  • They also seemed to be focused on getting the ball down to N'Diaye early. And for the most part it was working.
  • Hikeem Stewart got some early time at PG as Gaddy wasn't great. Stewart immediately turned the ball over. Us basketball fans have gotten so used to Romar having multiple PG's. With Andrew Andrews hurt, Gaddy is really it at this point.
  • The huskies started out very slow. An early errant fast break probably was a factor. Jackson St, was playing an aggressive zone and trying to slow the dawgs down. It was working until I wrote down this comment in my notes - 13-11 at 14:00, don't like it. Jackson trying to slow it down, need to hit some jumpers. Then Scott Suggs and Desmond Simmons hit back to back threes.
  • Maybe it was a coincidence but at the same Shawn Kemp entered the game. The huskies got way more aggressive on D and 14- run ensued to give the Huskies a 27-11 lead with about 9:00 to go.
  • Oh then the huskies I have been reading about showed back up. Carelessness, laziness, 2-11 from the arc and Tigers were only down 3. All in all Jackson St went on a 18-6 run. The Huskies did wake up a little and led 40-34 at halftime. The Tigers also had more success with man to man defense.
  • Second Half

    • Gaddy steals the ball on the first possession. This was sign of how the second half would go. And not what you might think
    • Huskies playing man to man which they did most of the night. I don't feel that defense played bad tonight. Losing the TO battle and tying on OREB was a bigger concern
    • Gaddy had multiple bad passes in the fast break. He was better when he just kept the ball.
    • The second half was really sloppy. I cant believe the teams only combined for 28 TO's. It seemed like 80.
    • I kept waiting for the huskies to go on that run that would put this game away. It never happened. Very disappointing. Wilcox hit back to back 3's at one point but so did Jackson St.
    • Jackson St. slowed the game way down when they seemed to have momentum. That seemed to be a big mistake at they didn't score the last 5+ minutes and only lost by 8.
    Wilcox led the huskies in scoring again with 21 points. But was only 3-11 from behind the arc. The huskies shot 33% from three point land which is respectable. But Wilcox hitting a couple more early in the second half would have gone a long way in breaking this game out. Stewart and Gaddy both went 0-2 on their 3 point attempts.

    Speaking of Stewart he played 18 minutes and didn't score. That cant happen. The Bench in all only had 8 points. The depth and injuries have been a problem all year. Honestly, I don't have any hopes that improving. I do anticipate Kemp getting more and more minutes. He has really bulked up and looks more like the part of a D-1 power forward.

    Another dismal night at the FT line. 46%? Come on man! N'Diaye was 2-9. Scott Suggs can shoot and was the best player on the court. He had 17 points and 6 rebounds.

    I will have to give Jackson St. some credit. They took it the Huskies defensively and didn't give up. They were quick and athletic. They are now 0-8 but, I would guess they are gaining valuable experience that will pay off once they get into conference play. The Huskies on the other hand to not look like a team that can be in the top half of a bad conference.