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Dot...Dot...Dawg (The World Has Gone Crazy Edition)

Dots and a heavy heart.

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Joe Southwich is a BSU QB and a Vegas Star!
Joe Southwich is a BSU QB and a Vegas Star!
An odd garnishment for any man in this town, the satin cloak floated behind him betraying the briskness with which he moved.  He walked with his head down, focused on something other than his destination.  The dots around him were scattered in an incomprehensible pattern, or non-pattern, that bordered on the precipice of what he would consider chaos.  He had a task yet to perform - not a small one, in fact.  Could he?  The ice on the ground was not slick, the falling snow was not white and the fragrance of the cool air was not of pine and smoke.  Nothing was as it should have been.

There is no way to put yesterday into any kind of rational context, so I will just offer my sympathies and prayers to those whose families had the worst of all hells unleashed into their lives. To the rest of you, a few dots to serve as a diversion.

That's it, Dawgs. Go hug somebody and then settle in for some bowl games. The season starts today.