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Jackson State - A Whole Lot Of Bad

Jackson State Head Coach Tevester Jackson is in his 5th season with the Tigers.
Jackson State Head Coach Tevester Jackson is in his 5th season with the Tigers.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Washington outplayed an inferior Seattle University team. They will get another opportunity to do just that against Jackson State. JSU has played seven games this season, with their largest margin of victory being negative nine. Or, the closest they have come to victory is an nine-point loss to Texas Tech.

Jackson State is led by 75 year old Tevester Anderson. Anderson is in his tenth year coaching JSU after spending five coaching Murray State. He had his worst career season last year as his team went 7-24. This year's rendition of the JSU Tigers have the ability to win some games, but shouldn't be able to compete with the Huskies.

The leading minutes-getter along with second-leading rebounder, scorer and thief, is Kelsey Howard, a 6-4 sophomore guard. He doesn't live at the foul line, or get a majority of his points from downtown. He just tries to score however he can, whatever works. He doesn't set his teammates up for buckets very often, as he has an assist percentage of 3.2%. Aziz N'Diaye has an assist rate of 2.9%.

Howard is definitely dangerous, and has the ability to carry his team offensively, as evidenced by his four career games of 25 or more points.

After missing the start of the year, the leading scorer for Jackson State has been Dundrecous Nelson. I do not want to ever type that first name again. Nelson is a flat-out scorer. He can get get to the line, he can shoot from deep, and also is the team's best assister (not a real word). He has scored 17 per game in his three games returning, but is shooting only 32.5% from the field.

He can get the ball in the basket, whether it is via his hand or he helps a teammate to get the ball to fall through the net. Sometimes he just isn't the most efficient in doing so.

While Howard is their second-leading scorer, possibly their second-best scorer is senior guard Christian Wiliams. Williams has a higher points per 40 minutes played, second on JSU to Nelson. He also is a good passer, second on the team in assists to Nelson.

The Tigers run a very deep rotation, with 11 players averaging double digit minutes.

Of the rotation mainstays, the best rebounder is senior center Raymond Gregory. Gregory grabs almost three rebounds per game despite averaging a shade over ten per game. He is relentless on the offensive glass, and could make a big impact on the game in that fashion should he see extended minutes.

The small Tigers team doesn't utilize too many big men, whether forwards or centers. Five of the nineteen players listed on their roster are listed as either a forward or a center. Gregory is the tallest player on the roster at 6-9. Three players out of their 11-man rotation are listed as forwards or centers. This is a small, small team. N'Diaye could very well have a field day inside.

The Tigers do not shoot well as a team either, shooting 33.8% from the field. That is really, really, really bad. Out of 348 D-I schools it ranks 345th.

Washington should win, and win handily.