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PAC 12 Basketball Power Ranking

Arizona could run away with conference championship. But who is second? How far did the Huskies drop? Will they reach the bottom? Check what the Dawgpound thinks of the PAC 12 Basketball teams.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

1. Arizona (7-0) This one is easy. Ranked 38 the Wildcats appear to be the class of the conference and the only team headed to the NCAA, without uncertainty. Wins over Clemson and Southern Miss last week hope to provide a warm up for #5 Florida on Saturday.

2. Oregon (8-1) A 50 point victory, CU's loss to Kansas and me getting called out last week for having ASU too high, has the Ducks move up to number 2. You all know how this pains me but so far. They have done what has been asked of them. Including going 1-1 against ranked teams

3. ASU (8-1) Ok, so they have play no one outside of 14 point loss to Creighton. But they are 8-1 and I wont fault them too much for having one of the easiest schedules in the country.

4. CU (7-2) After a 6-0 start, the Buffs have lost 2 of 3 including a 36 point loss to Kansas. CU may ultimately be the second best team in the conference. Which is scary. Next up Fresno State tonight before a short layoff.

5. UCLA (6-3) An unpopular choice at this spot. A two point victory over Texas has Ben Howland hoping he has got he Bruins back on track.

6. CAL (6-2) The Bears are coming off of a 2 point loss to #21 UNLV. They hold there ground in the 6th spot with Stanford not having played a game. Next up #16 Creighton in Berkeley.

7. Stanford (6-3) Having not played a game since Dec. 2, the Furd gets and upgrade thanks to another bad loss by you know who.

8. Oregon St (5-2) The Beavers blew out a team they were supposed to blow out. Ultimately, that is what you are trying to do in non-conference.

9. Washington (4-4) Argh, I could probably but them lower and not get much argument from anyone. This team is going nowhere without Gaddy on the court. That includes injuries and foul trouble.

10 Utah (6-3) The Utes lost a tough basketball version of the holy war. They also had a nice victory over Boise. With no games until Dec 18, there wont be any movement with them.

11. WSU (6-4) The Cougs took care of Fresno State at home. They should be 9-4 before opening Conference play against the Dawgs on Jan 5th.

12. USC (3-6) The Trojans have played one of the toughest schedules in the country thus far. Last week they had losses against two ranked opponents. New Mexico and Minnesota.