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PAC 12 Basketball Pickem

So football season isn't over. The Husky basketball team is having its own issues. But lets get the basketball pickem rolling prior to the conference season in January


Ok, so the first week of the pickem we only had 4 contestants. We took a one week hiatus but we are back now new and improved. Until conference season starts I will keep the games needed to pick at 10-14 games per week. I will post the games here and you just need to respond with your choices in the comment section.

Last week standings

CODawg 20-2

CAHusky 19-2

SeaHuskies 19-3

PurpleHeart 18-4

Don't worry if you haven't picked yet. The goal now is to get everyone up and running for conference season.

This weeks games:


Washington 4-4 @ Seattle 2-3

Jackson St 0-5 @ WSU 6-4


Jackson St 0-5 @ Washington 4-4

Dartmouth 2-5 @ ASU 8-1

Nebraksa 6-2 @ Oregon 8-1

UC Davis 1-5 @ Stanford6-3

UC Riverside 2-7 @ USC 3-6

Prairie View 5-5 @ UCLA 6-3

#5 Florida 7-0 @ #8 Arizona 7-0

#16 Creighton 9-1 @ Cal 6-2