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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Bloody Sunday Edition)

Coaching assassinations and Apple Cup recriminations. All for fun. Yay.

I wonder if I get to keep that tropy I won the season before last?
I wonder if I get to keep that tropy I won the season before last?

He literally picked that thing up by the tail and bit the stinger right off it. It was the damnedest thing I ever saw save for the time Jesse made like Aunt Peg and danced a jig in her brassiere. He didn't even have any whiskey that day. Nothing like fun dots and cheap laughs. Still not sure how he got that thing away from her.

  • The axes are falling all over the CFB world. As more coaches go down, more rumors keep popping up. Kirk already linked to a rumor that Mike Leach is on the list at NC State. Other rumors are floating that Gary Pinkel ... yes, that Gary Pinkel ... may be resigning as early as tomorrow (ahhh, probably not). Of course, Steve Sarkisian is not immune to the rumor mill. He's already been rumored to be on the Arkansas list (I won't even bother with a link). He's also popped up on a long list of names for consideration at Tennessee which, while it could be compelling, doesn't seem remotely likely.
  • Can't get enough of the Coaching Carousel? Check out this handy dandy widget.

  • The Huskies, as they must, are taking advantage of coaching turnover at Auburn and Tennessee by trying to get in on a couple of Defensive Ends (ahem, paging Tosh Lupoi). One is a guy that is on everyone's radar, and the other is a guy who might be flying under it ($).
  • In case you hadn't heard, the guys at Coug Center have video of ASJ getting roughed up by field-storming fan after the game. Here is Divish's blog post on it. Before you go blowing up over this, do note that ASJ has basically blown it off.
  • While ASJ recovers from his fan induced injuries, Condotta reports that the Huskies, as a whole, will have a lot of time to recover from the psychological blow of this colossal melt down.
  • Avinash, who really ought to be spending more time tracking the Cal coaching search, has a very comprehensive wrap up on the Apple Cup which is worthy a read. I hope it is my last Apple Dot for the season.
  • Most bowl prognosticators have UW going to the Las Vegas Bowl where they most assuredly would take on Boise State. Personally, I'd love to see UW in Vegas. It's an easy trip, it has a lot of amenities, and Boise State is a great test for Sark and the program. I get the whole first game next season argument ... and I think it is valid. Still, it's Vegas!


  • Speaking of Dances, the Husky v-ball team landed a somewhat surprisingly low 13 seed in the NCAA tournament - lower than several other PAC teams. The good news is that they have home court advantage for a couple of games.
  • The Men's Bball team is basically unwatchable - both figuratively (thank you, Lorenzo Romar) and literally (thank you, Larry Scott). I'm avoiding reading anything on them, thus no dots. However, I couldn't help but to link this article from CBS Sports - a collection of NCAA blog bites including the first call for Romar's head that I've seen posted by someone other than an irrational fan. I'm nowhere close to that point yet. I think Romar got squeezed this year by some unexpected roster churn and some recruits that we were close on, but not able to close. This is the part of the ups and downs of college basketball. I remember what Bob Bender and Lynn Nance were like ... I never, ever want to go back there again.

Enjoy your Dots on this fine day and, please, say a prayer for my poor iPad and its safe return to its owner from whatever far away post it finds itself.