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Coaching Carousel Thread

With the regular season over for most programs, we have now entered the full-blown coaching carousel season. Several coaches got the axe today, and there may be more on the way.

Coach Jon Embree lasts only 2 seasons at Colorado
Coach Jon Embree lasts only 2 seasons at Colorado

Sunday was apparently not a day of rest for many athletic directors, as the following coaches got handed their walking papers:

  • Jon Embree, Colorado
  • Gene Chizik, Auburn
  • Tom O'Brien, North Carolina State
  • Frank Spaziani, Boston College
  • Danny Hope, Purdue

They join a number of already fired coaches on the unemployment line, including Jeff Tedford (Cal), Derek Dooley (Tennessee), John L. Smith (Arkansas), Joker Phillips (Kentucky) and Robb Akey (Idaho). Also, Mike Price is retiring from UTEP.

Expect the coaching rumors to fly fast and furious. The most interesting one today claimed that N.C. State has had contact with Mike Leach. I find that one unlikely, but the source is a good one:

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the firings, speculate on replacements and other coaches that are in danger and share rumors you've seen.