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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Armageddon Edition)

Apple Cup, Basketball, Misery all in one spot.

The kick that brought down a (Dawg) Nation
The kick that brought down a (Dawg) Nation

Pop said it was going to be a feast, the kind that Kings and Queens used to partake. It sounded great to me at the time. Then I went into the backyard. The acrid smoke tempted my senses and compelled me to peek upon that which I knew I would not do me any good. The Chugger didn't get much action these days, but today was its day to shine. As I walked around it, I laid eyes upon the carnage that was to become our meal, and it laid eyes upon me. Without a flinch, I turned back toward the house and made my way inside, determined that tonight was going to be a Cheerios night.

  • Yesterday, obviously, was about a bad an all around situation as anyone could have imagined. Penalties, turnovers, poor blocking, poor pass rush and inability to generate any play longer than 20 yards have been the issues that have plagued the Huskies all season. They never got fixed and they cost Sark the Apple Cup and the ability to claim that the Dawgs have "taken the next step". Here are his comments:
  • The B/R had an interesting point / counterpoint on the overall success of the Huskies regular season following the Apple Cup. Here is "pro" side. And, here is the "fire Sark" side.
  • The penalties, in particular, have been an absolute killer. 18 official penalties (and I counted another two that were declined - but that is just my recall) is a dubious school record.
  • Keith Price took responsibility for this loss. It sucks that he worked so hard all off-season to put up this crappy of a season. Better pass protection will help him next season, but I think we all know that Keith is what he is at this point: An accuracy guy with a small arm who needs to be sharp in his ability to read the field and solid in his footwork to be successful. We can absolutely win with this, but those two factors - field management and footwork - were areas of weakness this year and need to be the areas in which he focuses over the next 15 practices and however many film sessions.
  • Jerry Brewer called this a "game of follies" - a term that can describe at least 2/3 of the games that UW has played in so far this season - in determining that Sarkisian's team really hasn't taken the next step ... yet.
  • John Blanchette, noting that there has never been a bigger comeback in the history of the Apple Cup, writes that this win will be savored, in particular by the seniors who have ridden out the hellish last four to five years in Pullman.
  • If you need a diversion, the Men's bball team takes on Colorado State this afternoon and Pac 12 Conference pride is on the line.

That's all I got today. Enjoy the Civil War, the UCLA/Stanford game or whatever else you plan on watching. I'm done with football today.