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Game Preview: Washington at Washington State

The Huskies go into Pullman with the opportunity to extend their winning streak to five games, and also pull off an eight win season ... crazy.

Zombie Hunt is On
"And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds,
for fear that the devil would chop off their heads"
- Rob Zombie

Who: UW @ WSU

Where: Martin Stadium, Pullman, Washington

When: 12:30 pm, Pacific Time

Catch it on Fox, and try listening to Craig Bolerjack, Joel Klatand Petros Padapakis until you decide you'd rather listen to Bob Rondeau


This week is the 105th meeting between the two Washington Universities, and Washington holds the series 67-31-6. Another note, UW is 9-6 in Martin Stadium, and, funny enough, has shout out the Cougs in 17 of those victories.

Last week

The Huskies so wonderfully pounded the Buffs into submission last week, not even allowing them to get inside the 20 ... to the tune of 38-3. I witnessed the massacre first hand, and have been rubbing it in to locals in the Denver area, but also letting them know that I feel their pain ... and that the pain is only temporary, albeit extremely difficult to bear at the moment.

The Cougs went down to Tempe, but only let their scout team play, until the last drive ... and it wasn't pretty. Coug fan would love to forget last week happened, but doing so is nearly impossible since just about every game this season has been similar for them. Next year couldn't come soon enough.


0 - the total times Wazzu has beaten UW with Sark as head coach

19 - number of interceptions the Cougs have thrown this year ... so far

23 - number of passing TD the Cougs have thrown this year

330 - total number of rushing yards the Cougs have found this year

1150 - total number of rushing yards Bishop Sankey has racked up so far this year

1884 - total number of rushing yards Cougar opponents have racked up so far this year

3615 - total number of passing yards the Cougs have racked up this year

Questions needing answers

Offense: Will the offense start clicking early in the game? Like in the first quarter? How many yards will Bishop get this week? Will Kendyl Taylor get his first 100 yard game? Can the offensive line contain the Coug's pass rush, at least good enough to keep Price upright and firing like he has the last few weeks? Can Cody Bruns get another TD? How many Cougs does it take to tackle ASJ?

Defense: Will our secondary be able to contain the Coug passing attack? Didn't most of their passing yards come in garbage time, when their starters were still in the game ... playing the other teams' three and four deeps? Can the Dawgs get more than five sacks? Will Josh Shirley get another forced fumble on the QB? Is Desmond Trufant going to play this week?

Miscellaneous: Do the Coug's have cravings for man-flesh? If so, how do they satisfy their appetites? Is anyone bringing any silver bullets to the game? Who's more cuddly ... snuggles the Downey Bear, or Mike Leach?

Bring your shotguns Dawgfans, this game could get ugly ... and don't bring your kids to this one. (I would say this regardless of the "zombie" comments from Mike Leach ... it's Pullman for Pete's sake!) We NEED to mitigate any damages that could happen, as soon as possible, and score fast to get a quick lead ... like three touchdowns in the first quarter. How about them apples? Let's bring home the governor's cup Apple Cup for the fourth year in a row.

Finally ...

What did the color blind WSU fan wear to the game? Purple.