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Pac-12 Power Rankings

Exciting weekend in the Pac-12, but no change at the top. Make no mistake, though they won't get to the Rose Bowl, the Ducks are still the conference's best team.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

1. Oregon - They're still the best team in the conference despite the loss to Stanford. Put them on a neutral field against any other Pac-12 team and they're going to be favored by Vegas. Oh, and a couple of easy dominoes fall right and they're back in the BCS Championship Game.

2. Stanford - This team would be 11-0 and headed for the title game with Jim Harbaugh as their head coach. Alas, they're stuck with David Shaw, a guy who didn't realize that Josh Nunes wasn't his best option until two thirds of the season had elapsed.

3. UCLA - The fighting Moras really impressed against USC, and the monopoly may in fact be over now (finally). A second consecutive P12CG appearance? Raise your hand if you saw that one coming.

4. Oregon State - Drubbed Cal, sending Jeff Tedford out in just about the worst way imaginable. Would have been a good spot for the Beavers to get some In-N-Out if they weren't at home.

5. Washington - 4 straight wins, and the offense is finally matching the defense's play. Staring a 6-3 conference record in the face if they can take care of WSU on Friday.

6. Arizona - The stink of the UCLA beatdown still lingers, as it was the most embarrassing loss anybody in the conference has taken this year. Did manage their first road win of the year at Utah though, and there's always something to be said about winning on the road in the Pac-12.

7. Arizona State - Coming off of a 4 game skid, WSU was the cure for their ailments. Became the 8th Pac-12 team to get bowl eligible, and have a great shot at a win next week at UA if they can win that shootout.

8. USC - With Matt Barkley out against Notre Dame the Trojans are in all likelihood finishing 7-5. Your preseason #1, everybody. Doesn't help matters when Robert Woods is essentially saying that they got outcoached. Kiffin losing his players wouldn't be a shock. They didn't come to USC to lose 5 games in their career, much less 1 season.

9. Utah - With the easiest schedule in the Pac-12, the Utes aren't even going bowling. Welcome to big boy football.

Last. Cal/Colorado/WSU - There's no point in ranking these teams. They're all beyond awful. Cal quit on their coach, WSU's a mess, and Colorado can't do anything right. And combined they're on a 20 game losing streak.