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the Gekko File: P12 Bowl Projections Redux

I'm taking a mulligan on that last one.

Steve Dykes

Now that just about every pick I had in the P12 rose up to bite me in the behind yesterday, it is time for me to jump back on that horse and re-project the P12 Bowls for you, my faithful viewing audience. First, a recap of the bowl lineup.

#1 - Rose Bowl vs Big 10 #1, Pasadena, Jan. 1
#2 - Alamo Bowl vs. Big 12 #3, San Antonio, Dec. 29.
#3 - Holiday Bowl vs. Big 12 #5, San Diego, Dec. 27.
#4 - Sun Bowl vs. ACC #4, El Paso, Dec. 31.
#5 - Las Vegas vs. MWC #1, Las Vegas, Dec. 22
#6 - Kraft Fight Hunger vs. Navy, San Francisco, Dec. 29.
#7 - New Mexico Bowl vs. MWC, Albuquerque, Dec. 15

Now the projections:

P12 CCG: Stanford v UCLA - there is just no way that UCLA can or would allow themselves to win next week

Rose: Stanford

BCS At-Large: Oregon

Alamo: UCLA - even after a two game losing streak to Stanford

Holiday: USC - this is a tough one as the Holiday would have to skip over two teams to get USC, but it makes a ton of sense for them.

Sun: Washington - it is either UW or Oregon State here although, technically, Arizona could get picked. I'm guessing the huge win streak that UW is on plus the victory over OSU plus the star power of Keith and ASJ will all factor into this selection...but it could easily go to Oregon State.

Las Vegas: Oregon State - another tough pick as one would presume that the Beavers will be coming off a huge loss to the Ducks (forget Nicholls St), but I'm guessing that the Las Vegas Bowl will go with the better record Beavers. This is UW's destination if the Sun takes the Beavs.

Kraft Fight Hunger: Arizona - I'm guessing that Zona wins at home vs Arizona State to justify this slot

New Mexico: Arizona State - the P12's last bowl eligible team takes the last bowl slot in our lineup

Between Cal laying down, Zona squeaking by Utah in the fourth, UCLA smoking the Kiff-jans and the totally unexpected meltdown of the Ducks running attack at home versus Stanford, yesterday was one of the most amazing days I've seen in the P12. I know that many of us think that it sucks that we have to have to play 9 conference games, but think about how much drama we'd miss out on if we didn't. Yesterday was fantastic - I hope you enjoyed it.