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Huskies Defeat Buffaloes of Colorado in Colorado with CODawg in Attendance

Rob Chenoy

The first half was pretty unattractive. I had an enjoyable time ignoring the game after the Huskies went up 21-0. Hey guys look the score is 38-3! It may be different at the time you read this but at the time of me writing it the score is 38-3.

Colorado is bad, in one word. They had their first offensive scoring drive at home all season when they kicked a chip shot field goal in the second half.

Instant Dots. To the Dots, "If a picture's worth a thousand words, then your touch is worth them all."

  • Keith Price had a good second half after a piss-poor first half. He missed open receivers, then he hit open receivers. He had a school record five touchdown passes. Great second half. Sark said he is playing his best ball of the season at the right time. That is great especially considering the Dawgs have a bowl game upcoming, and a trip to Pullman next week.
  • The score is still 38-3 as it ends.
  • The hat is undefeated!
  • "We stopped getting out of our own way." That was a quote by Steve Sarkisian on the first half to second half changes. He knows what he means and we know what he means, but I hope he doesn't want his team getting in its own way. That would be very counterproductive.
  • The defense absolutely shut down the Buffs offense. On second thought, I think that Sark's quote characterizes the offense of Colorado for the entire season with the exception of a game versus WSU. Did you guys know that Colorado beat the Cougars? Cougin' it at the highest level. Lowest level. Cougest level! I just made up a new word. We should submit that to Webster's Dictionary.
  • Kendyl Taylor had a good game spelling Bishop Sankey, garnering 78 yards on 9 carries.
  • Eric Crouch is not the worst color commentator/analyst of all-time. I only say that because there has to be someone at some point in the years of sports where somebody was worse. In the postgame he said what was impressive was that Colorado needs to talk on special teams. It was impressive that the team didn't yell at the blocker to get out of the way of the dropping football on the punt. If somebody has a gif of Kevin Smith's save I will love you long time, even if your comment turns green from rotting.

Go Dawgs!

Without clicking back, can any of you remember what the promo headline was for this game? It is a science question!