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Gangline Recap: Week 11

The gangline went .500 this week for the first time this season. If only the Cougs were able to keep UCLA closer, they might have actually pulled off the upset ... they didn't.

William Mancebo

Washington Opponent's Record: 67-54

Record this Week: 6-6

Record in Games that Mattered: 3-3

Oregon continues to win, and the rest of the Pac gets more complicated ...

Games that mattered

Air Force (5-5) at San Diego State (8-3)

Coming into this game, the Falcons and the Aztecs were tied for first place (along with Boise State and Fresno State) in the Mountain West Conference. This game was never in doubt. The Aztecs gave up three points on Air Force's first possession, and then proceeded to score the next 28 points. Back-up-turned-starter Adam Dingwell has performed marvelously since Ryan Katz was lost due to injury. Granted, all he has had to do really is manage the game and leave the rest up to his running backs, and he has won all five of his starts this season. The Aztecs gave up a whopping 320 yards on the ground, but their defense held. Final score: SDSU wins 28-9

Mississippi State (7-3) at LSU (8-2)

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This game started slow, the score 7-3 in favor of Mississippi State. However, after that LSU QG Zach Mettenberger found his groove. He completed nine of thirteen passes for 142 yards, zero interceptions, and 2 touchdowns. Then LSU's run game ran away with the clock, helped in large part by their defense which only allowed one score in the second half, and forced a bunch of punts. Final score: LSU wins 37-17

Portland State (3-7) at Montana State (9-1)

The cream of the Big Sky - Montana State - ran away with this game. They were up 59-10 at the half. Once again, the youth and inexperience of Portland State showed through, as they gave up a Pick-6 and also allowed Montana State's punt returner, Shawn Johnson race up the field for 72 yards and a score. Exacerbating the Viking's troubles were the other three turnovers they gave up. This game was out of hand from the beginning. Final score: Montana State wins 65-30

Arizona State (5-5) at USC (7-3)

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After games like these, I am continually tempted to wonder why Matt Barkley decided to stay for his senior season. In my opinion, which amounts to about half a dollar, Barkley's return season is worse than Jake Locker's was, relative to their respective precious years. Against the Sun Devils, Barkley went 20-33 for 222 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Had it not been for a perky Curtis McNeal, this game would have been much closer. However, the Trojan running back rushed for 163 yards on 31 carries, and scored 2 touchdowns. Final score: Trojans win 38-17

UCLA (8-2) at WSU (2-8)

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This game had all the makings of a blow-out, and in fact it was ... until the end of the third quarter ... when Washington State scored 22 unanswered points to get the game within 8 points. There just wasn't enough time on the clock for the Cougs to score any more points. At the end of the first half, UCLA was up 37-7, and then when they went up 44-14 halfway through the third quarter, they stopped playing. It was really unfortunate because they allowed Wazzu to get some confidence and feel good scores just in time for their final two games ... one of which is against Washington. Thank a lot Bruins. Final score: UCLA wins 44-36

Games that didn't matter

Oregon State (7-2) at Stanford (8-2)

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This game had Oregon State written all over it, as Cody Vaz managed another great game. The Beavers had forced 4 turnovers and had the lead with just under 9 minutes to go in the game... but then Cody Vaz tried to make something happen with his legs, was hit, and he fumbled on the Oregon State 29 yardline. It was really too bad for OSU, since they were only up by 2 points at the time. Then Mr. Hogan came into the game and converted. He threw a crucial TD to put the Cardinal up, and they held the Beaver offense in check the rest of the game. An interesting note, on Oregon State's final play, a 4th and 16, Sean Mannion came into the game ... Final score: Stanford wins 27-23

Colorado (1-9) at Arizona (6-4)

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Kadeem Carey broke a Pac-12 record for rushing yards in a game against the worst team in FBS. He rushed for 366 yards, breaking the previous record by 11 yards. The Wildcats were able to score 49 point in three quarters, and took a 32 point lead heading into the 4th quarter. However, in garbage time, the Buffs were able to score 2 touchdowns to make the game look much closer. The Buffs were able to get a running game going as well, as Freshman Christian Powell was able to ground out 137 yards on 32 carries. Final score: Wildcats win 56-31

Oregon (10-0) at California (3-8)

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Oregon was outrushed by Cal 236-180 last Saturday, but that hardly mattered. The game was within one score when Cal drove the field on its first possession in the 3rd quarter and scored a touchdown. Then Marcus Mariota took over, and lit up the Cal secondary. He finished the game 27/34 for 377 yards, 6 touchdowns, and averaging 11.1 yards per completion. There is no hope for Jeff Tedford, especially since the Bears are probably going to finish the season at 3-9. Final score: Oregon wins 59-17