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Saturday Gamethread

9 AM = Bad. Noon = Good.

Ronald Martinez

My suggestion to you is to avoid the 9 AM slate, because it is horrible. Spend time with your kids, family, significant other, work out or do something to pass the time until the noon slate hits. I guess if you're forced to, the most interesting games at 9 are (24) Northwestern @ Michigan. There's also Iowa St @ (17) Texas, but that's not being televised, unless you count the Longhorn Network as TV, but you don't, because nobody does.

At noon, there's (11) Oregon State @ (14) Stanford and Arizona State @ (19) USC.

Following that at 1230 is (15) Texas A&M @ (1) Alabama.

And of course the Pac-12 brings it on home with the late games.

For recreation, I like:

Oregon State +4 @ Stanford

Louisiana Tech -20 @ Texas St.

Tennessee -3.5 vs Missouri