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UWDawgPound BlogPoll Top 25

What a weekend it was. 3 of the top 5 were knocked off and some teams really impressed. Others, not so much.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

I can't be alone in being impressed by the buzzsaw that was South Carolina. For whatever reason, Steve Spurrier has beaten Georgia like he owns them over the past few years, and Cackalacky looks a lot better than I thought they'd be. I figured Georgia would coast to to the best record in the SEC East and make it to the SEC Championship game, but after getting manhandled by the Cocks it doesn't look likely. And with Florida playing defense the way they are, and getting just enough offense to put teams away on the legs of Mike Gillislee the Bulldawgs might not even be the second best team in that division. But it doesn't matter; Alabama is once again the best team in the country and barring what would be a massive upset, they look well on their way to another BCS title game appearance.

The West Virginia Mountaineers knocked off the Texas Longhorns in another impressive performance by Geno Smith. The Heisman race is all but over already. Smith is taking home the hardware if he can stay healthy. Nobody in that conference plays any defense to begin with, and with the way WVU is running Dana Holgorsen's attack Smith is going to put up numbers that make Robert Griffin III look like a chump. Think anybody in the BIg 12 is regretting offering these guys an invite? They're going to be among the top of that conference as long as Holgo is running the show, and he's just 41. Could be a dynasty in the making.

Florida State is still Florida State: one of the most talented teams in the country, yet finding ways to lose games that they never should. It's going to be interesting watching what happens to Jimbo Fisher in the next few years. How often do coaches get fired when they win 80% of their games? It might just happen if he can't make the jump from good to elite. FSU fans aren't going sit around and watch their team be top 5 talent, and keep finishing outside the top 10. And when was the last time a Virginia Tech team struggled on defense and special teams? I honestly cannot remember, no hyperbole.

The Big Ten is terrible. Do we need to talk about it? Ohio State should have taken a bowl ban last year, because right now they look like they're costing themselves a sure shot at a Rose Bowl, and perhaps a shot at the BCS title. Take a look at the Leaders division: Wisconsin probably comes out of there, but they've been awful. Then look at the Legends, and you'll never see a more unimpressive group of 6 +.500 teams. Michigan probably wins the Legends, but Michigan State has dominated them of late, and they could all pillow fight each other to similar records and it wouldn't be weird at all to see Northwestern win that division. I bet Ohio State fans have plenty of anger toward Jim Tressel, because that team is winning 11 or 12 games.