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Huskies at Ducks Gamethread

Join our gamethread as the Dawgs attempt to snap their 8 game losing streak to our southern enemies.

The Huskies are attempting to end 8 years of frustration. There has been talk this week about whether or not this is still a rivalry because it has been so one sided of late. For the coaches, they'll tell you that it's just another game. It's important because it's a divisional game. For the Ducks, it's another step toward a conference championship. For the Huskies, it's another step toward a return to national prominence.

But for the fans it's something else. It's all bragging rights. Ducks who make the intelligent decision to migrate north and live among the civilized get one more year of holding their heads high, and another slash to add as the streak approaches double digits. Huskies who are forced to interact with Ducks will get to hold the present over their heads in addition to their programs infinitely superior past. It's the fans who have the rivalry.

So let's cheer our Dawgs as they try to end the streak that seems to mean so much more to us than it does to them (though it means a hell of a lot to them, regardless of what they say). And as Pat Bowlen once said: "This one's for John."

Game tweets here:

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